A good Forex broker is one that has great communication skills. When they can bridge the void between the retail investor and the broker well, then they have won half the battle to making both these parties money. When you do choose a Forex broker, you need to be able to talk to him or her and you need to be able to trust that person. This is being transparent. One of the great things about a broker that can connect with the investor is the fire they can stoke to making money. If you do not trust your broker, then there is a problem because you cannot communicate what you need and they cannot communicate what you need to do. So it is like Mac talking to a PC. There will definitely be problems there so talk to your broker and make sure that they can talk back to you.

One other thing about a good Forex broker is that they have the right credentials to make your time in the market a profitable one. What this is, the expertise and the experience necessary to make you a good investor is something that you can measure. If you can, do not get a broker that is too new, and always ask how long they have been in the market. This is not being prejudice, but ensuring that you have the experience necessary. Also, many investors who come into the market always check the credentials of the broker that they are working with. You can check easily with many of the local or international governing and auditing bodies. This is not only the characteristic of a good Forex broker, but the characteristic of brokers and investment professionals all across the board.

Last but not least, the good investor is one who is making you money. Essentially, this is why you are in the game in the first place and as you get along in the weeks and see that the profits are not coming in, then you know that something is wrong. When you are a new investor, you need as much as you can in the line of guidance and advice necessary to succeed in the market. This is basic. Forex brokers need to give you the advice to nudge you in the right direction and part of their job in fact is to keep you in the market and keep you making money. Being afloat is one thing, but seeing red all the time means that your broker is not doing his or her job well. So, if this is the case, you might want to review your relationship with your broker.

So these are some of the characteristics of a good broker and when looking for one, keep in mind these characteristics so that you won’t end up frustrated with your Forex trading experience. Once you can successfully assess the situation, connect with your broker and make some money. Once you have found one, you will be well on your way to financial independence.

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