Have you ever wanted to give your beloved a great sensual massage experience but didn't know where to start? Get the quick key steps to injecting some more pleasure and stimulation in to your relationship.

Set Up Essentials:
• A comfortable table or bed that will allow the massager access to the full body of their partner, without having to lean over.
• A sheet which is large enough to wrap around the person being massaged
• Pillows for under his or her head and knees.
• A small table with oils, lubricants, safer sex supplies such as latex gloves and condoms. Also good to have are: a towel or tissues, a bowl of warm water to warm oils, lubricants and hands before touching skin.

Getting Started:
• Start with a light touch (but not too light, you don ‘t want to tickle)
• Run your warmed hands all over your partner’s skin.
• Gradually begin to narrow your focus to specific muscle groups, massaging deeper with each stroke.
• Keep lines of communication open, ask about what feels good and pay close attention to body language
• Keep contact with your partner’s body with at least one hand at all times.

Moving On to Genital Massage:
• Gently cup your partner’s genitals and make eye contact. You are, at this point, seeking permission to continue.
• Once permission is granted, begin slowly and gradually increase pace and intensity.
• Be sure to continue to keep lines of communication open. This can be a great time for some hot talk, or just to explore what really turns your partner on.
• Bring your partner to the brink of orgasm and then back off. The goal is to prolong this period of intense stimulation and you don’t want to end things too quickly.

Some Basic Strokes For Men:
• The Twist: Using lots of lubricant, start by grasping the tip of the penis in your hand and stroking downwards toward the balls. As you stroke down, twist your wrist so that your hand spirals down his cock. Variation: As you reach the bottom with one hand, begin immediately back at the top with the other.
• The Teaser Stroke: massage slowly and gently for a couple minutes and then stroke once up and down rapidly. Return to gentle massage for a couple minutes then use two rapid strokes. Continue in this pattern, adding rapid strokes as you progress.
• Remember that the testes are also highly sensitive. Cupping, or gentle massage as you stroke the penis can intensify any stroke you might choose.

Some Basic Strokes For Women:
• V stroke: Position your index finger on one side of the clitoris and your middle finger on the other. Rub up and down the sides of the clitoris, Begin gently.
• The G-spot stimulator: Palm facing up, with your thumb on top, insert your first two fingers into her vagina. Use a beckoning motion to stimulate her g-spot. Variation: If she is into more intensity, you can lay your thumb along her clitoris and stimulate that at the same time.
• Remember that the clitoris is highly sensitive. Too much stimulation too soon can have a negative effect on your stimulation goals. Go slow and take your time.

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Author's Bio: 

Maya Silverman is the authour of the Erotic Massage Guide: Unleash the Power of Touch The guide explores the world of erotic and tantric massage for personal, physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual bliss and enjoyment.

With a keen interest in relationships, sexual pleasure and fulfillment, intimacy, as well as alternative therapies such as yoga, massage, and Tantra, Maya has a vast knowledge spanning 10 years. Maya maintains a particular focus on the factors conducive to maximum sensual, physical and emotional expression, sexual pleasure and satisfaction.