Get ready for the conquest of Self discovery. How do you break through from the joyous dreaming of immense physical, temporal possibilities as yet unexplored, to real experiences about which mere dreaming falls infinitely short? The universal laws govern all experience, both physical and non-physical, and it is our challenge to use them to get us to where and who we want to be.

You can dream of travelling to the bounds of outer space, and mankind may well travel that far some day. You may dream of exploring the depths of the ocean and discovering new worlds and fantastic creatures as yet unknown. You may dream of climbing the highest mountains, of conquering both the forces of nature and your own propensity to fear. You can dream of these glorious conquests, but by far, the inner discovery of your own incredibly magnificent consciousness surpasses any other quest of discovery of which you could ever dream.

Why is this? Simply put, when you pursue your inner Self consciousness, you are facing the awesome possibilities of stepping from the reliability of tangible reality into the unknown reaches of the spiritual worlds. Penetrate deeper and deeper, beyond your body, beyond your emotions, beyond your thoughts and mind, there is something there yet deeper still.

What is that something? Have you ever wondered? When you get to the place where consciousness hangs by a thread of perceptible awareness; when every other awareness is still and asleep, ‘you’ still exist: you are aware will. You are a point of consciousness.

Just how deep does your consciousness run? Have you ever wondered about this? Who are you? Where do you come from? Where are you going? What universal laws govern consciousness? These are the perennial questions philosophers have pondered and argued over for millennia. So how long do we have to wait for the true answers to emerge? In this new millennium, could it be time for us to pick up these questions and refuse to lay them aside until we have some sort of consensus on the answers?

If you think I am going to hand the answers to you here and now, forget it. What I want to do now, is to get you to think about the deeper questions of life; to grow in awareness of your magnificent consciousness. You can cut off your hand. Are you still there? Imagine you have lost your legs in an accident, are you still here? Now your arms disappear, you are only head and torso. Are you still here? You lose all feeling in your physical body. You cannot move, or respond, but you can think. Are you still here? So who are you? What are you? Consider this well.

You may not have asked these kinds of questions before, or perhaps you have, but have you come up with satisfactory answers? Do you want to know? If not, why not? If yes, are you willing to do what it takes to discover your true Self and fulfil your life destiny? There are certain steps in this life walk of Self discovery, and always, the universal laws are there to support and facilitate your spiritual questing.

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Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and holistic wealth coach explains the powerful role of the mind, emotions and feelings in the process of Self discovery and how to use the universal laws to create real happiness in life. Discover more prosperity strategies and personal spiritual coaching at Marie's website, and see Marie's blog at