We're at 30,000 feet and heading South to Florida for some R&R as well as business.

The young lady next to me has a very interesting book that many CEO's might benefit from. One page has a listing of words while the next page starts a story and leaves blank spaces for her to fill in. She can use either the words on the list or use her own. Yep, it is very creative!

"Open the closet door to clean it, if a watermelon doesn't fall into your eyelid then it's clean."

Interesting image? Creative image?

So what does this have to do with a CEO or a Salesperson today?
The answer: Everything if they want to be different in today's changing market and economy.

This is how Einstein worked on his Theory of Relativity!

How does a young lady and her made up story fit with the mind of Einstein?

Einstein had several methods he implemented to solve problems and create new ideas. Yes they have everything to do with young ladies stories.

First method: There are no rules! A young 20 year old Einstein though about gravity and then asked; "What if there were no gravity?" "What if gravity were different than we understand it today?" The next thing you know he comes up with this MC squared thing.

You see, a young lady writing her imaginary story has no rules! She has only her imagination with no restraint, no barriers to her thinking and boundaries to what might be possible! Without restrictions, outside opinions or judgments the mind can be exceptionally creative.

Try and imagine the images a young Einstein had going through his head with no rules or laws to hold the thinking back or put it into a box. Imagine the picture he had to create to "bend" light and gravity.

Now think about the problems and situations your facing. Are you restricted by rules, others thinking or the box we all create for ourselves? How is this restricting our imagination, our problem solving and solution finding?

Take the situation you're facing and determine what "rules" are in play as you think about it. Now take away one of those "rules". How has the situation changed? How have the possibilities changed?

Now get rid of more "rules" and see what happens to your image of the current situation.

Yes, of course we have to function by laws and rules to function properly in society and business, but this is not about functioning, it's about creating new and better solutions!

In past recessions and tough times those that had the creative solutions built and grew business in spite of the environment they were in. They had to break some "rules" to come up with these solutions.

Are we stuck and restricted by what we perceive as the "rules" and thus missing some fantastic opportunities?

Second method: Question everything in as many ways as you can.
A watermelon in a closet? If it doesn't fall into your eyelid? These are crazy and not reality. Why couldn't it happen?

Einstein always asked "what if" or "why is" without prejudice to any idea or rule.

In our Leadership and Sales training participants are amazed at the power they find in mastering the art of asking powerful questions. They also discover their thinking changing and their view and understanding of the world often enlarging!

You're customers are holding back on purchasing right now. Are you simply accepting the economy excuse, or are you asking "what if" or "why is" and creating a different view of the situation and a different answer?

By not accepting the current view and questioning everything we can create new ideas, new approaches that can increase sales, profit and market!

An equipment Salesperson is busier than ever in a market that everyone else says should be slow. Other sales people in the same office are slow! What is the difference? The busy Salesperson is always asking "what if" or "why not" and creating solutions for himself as well as his clients.

Einstein was known for his brilliance in solving problems and vast creative solutions. His response when asked how he did it; "I question everything and assume nothing."

In summary:

When faced with a situation do as a young lady does or as Einstein did.

1. Eliminate all the "rules"
2. Act as if there are no "rules"
3. Question everything
4. Assume nothing

You'll find yourself and your team creating new and better solutions for both you and your customers!

Till next time,

Harlan Goerger
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