The morning I wrote this, I woke up like I usually do to a radio alarm clock—and the talk show host told me that Paul Harvey had died at 90 years of age, after a radio broadcasting career of 70 years. A true icon, he's been on the radio much longer than most of us, myself included, have even been on this planet!

He was a humble man, he was an influential man. He never left Chicago. He raised a family, and had one wife, who died a year ago. You know how it goes. Like a waterfall, life is ever on the move. It just happens to be a coincidence that that week had been the very first time I ever heard Paul Harvey, Jr. on the radio.

The current flows. We each have a time, and then we're gone. If we have contributed, we've made the world better. We live on through our works. If we've had children, if we have heirs, we've made a contribution to society—we live on through our heirs.

The current flows endlessly. The water that's in the current is not the same as it was previously. You have a moment here on earth, and I can't encourage you strongly enough to think in terms of contribution and legacy.

I'm not kidding. I know you're normal—but you can raise yourself above mediocrity if you want to, and that's presumably why you're reading this. Do something with your current. You've got this moment right now. Contribute. Make the world better. Live, live, live.

That's why they call it the present… Because it is a present. You've got it now, and you may not have it tomorrow—and may they say the good things about you that they're saying about Paul Harvey. May this Earth be better because you made your impression. May this Earth be better because you went down the stream. Make it better—it's up to you.

May you rest in peace, Paul Harvey. March 1, 2009.

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