“SELFISHNESS Kills One’s Personality and Spiritual Growth.”

A self-centered and selfish person lives only for himself. He does not know how to love and respect others. He argues and Quarrels over small matters and his life becomes but an endless journey in unhappiness. In the end he poisons his thoughts and becomes Dangerous to the Society.

If Preventive and Corrective measures are not taken to reduce this Negative Emotion, it can cause unfold Suffering and Misery.

• Selfishness is the cause of Jealously, while Jealously Nurtures Selfishness.

• Selfishness is the Greatest cause of Human race.

• Moods can create an unpleasant atmosphere in Society besides exposing an ugly face.

• If we have not expressed our Gratitude to others for their Services, how can we expect our children to show their Gratitude to us?

• Life is Uncertain, Death is Certain.

• Yesterday is but a Dream and tomorrow Veiled. Live Now.

• Living in Harmony with others means Living in Harmony with Nature and Nature itself Protects you.

A Happy Contented Life is only attained by overcoming Selfishness and Developing Good Will, understanding and Benevolence. We should not condemn others by picking on their Weaknesses or Mistakes and disregarding their good work and good nature.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. G.V.S.KUMAR is an internationally acclaimed Celebrity
NUMEROLOGIST & ASTROLOGER, from Hyderabad, A.P. India.
Consultant & Panel Expert to some of Leading Astrological Services Organizations in India.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR is a MEMBER of Various Prestigious
Organizations World-Wide.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR has been Practicing Numerology &
Astrology since long time and Nurtured Good Predictive Skills in
Analyzing Lagna/Birth/Natal Charts and made Promising
Predictions in Different Fields which have come true.

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR is using Intensive Research to Develop New
Predictive Tools that are more scientific and have been fairly

Mr. G.V.S. KUMAR provides Highly Effective, Very Simple and
Result-Oriented Remedies to Ensure Hurdle-Free Happy Life.

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