In our vastly differential world today we come to a new era of spirituality. How we incorporate spirituality into our personal and business life can be tricky to say the least. We as a society have gotten away from seeing each other as human beings with feelings and a soul. We see each other as competition, as an adverse problem, as an obstacle but we don’t see the "being" deep within. We over the years of the dog eat dog world and in every day life have lost that special quality that sets us apart as a race of beings from any other life form, that special light that we call our soul. We have been so rapt up in trying to make ends meet and to provide the materialistic things in life that many of us need to just survive. Still others have lost their way, forced to live without the spirituality that was abundant in each one of us during the times of war, of devastation and such because it has been made the rule and not the exception.

What has happen to the spirituality and the soul we saw openly within each one of us? The spirituality and the soul we saw so openly before has been buried deep within and covered up with layers and layers of having to change our beliefs to fit into the rules of today. Is it gone forever? No. Today, even more so, people are finding that spirituality is missing and they are on a search for it, whether it is through the church, reading, or obtaining knowledge and expertise.

More people started contacting me and in our conversations this same views came up. I was even asked what is wrong with us? How do you answer that question and help people when our world forces everyone to do this in order to survive? The answer is that we must re-prioritize our values and place spirituality back into our personal and professional lives. We can make money but we can do it by sharing our spirituality in a way that does not compromise the soul within each one of us.

The Divine/Universe is there to assist us to incorporate spirituality into our lives if we just ask. It seems every time that we forget we need spirituality in our lives is when devastation’s occur whether violence, storms, war and such. It is a constant reminder that we need spirituality, that without it we are nothing but a shell. With spirituality we are a living being radiating light because we believe and trust in our path that we are guided and directed in.

Many are now becoming aware of what I now call the "Dawns Awakening" and it will hit its peak by summer of next year. The Dawn’s Awakening is the spiritual light within each one of us is reclaiming our souls for the new era. The knowledge and information we seek will suddenly be brought forth from the deep recesses that we have repressed it. This then will become the era of the spiritual light bringing forth sudden knowledge, gifts and powers that were either repressed or dormant. This new sudden awakening is and will bring about world peace, and the acceptance of each race, belief and religion. All will realize that we can survive at even a greater rate and finances when we accept and use spirituality. This new change to incorporating Spirituality will bring an even greater understanding of the Divine/Universe then we ever imagined before as well as abundance. There will be no need to repress it any longer and will be warmly welcomed.

Those of us who have been chosen to assist others and be a beacon of light for them so they may come forth will be well rewarded for our efforts not only in this world, but in the Divine/Universal world we go to after our life time. We will be looked upon as in the world of Atlantis of the council of elders, not in reference to age, but in reference to our knowledge and expertise that we use to bring forth this process of the "Dawns Awakening".

You ask how do I participate in the "Dawns Awakening"? The answer is to seek knowledge and understanding in all wakes of your life. Open your heart, your mind and soul and allow love, and compassion in. Incorporate spirituality back into personal and professional life by allowing it to come forth naturally from deep within. Seek like minded individuals who can help support you as you take these steps anew. Share your learned knowledge and expertise openly as you continue to learn with those who are truly interested in spiritual advancement. Practice exercises, meditations, labyrinth and prayer are your tools.

As this awakening comes forth to its peek, this will bring the dawning of the new era of our world as well. You will see a drastic change in people and how they deal with life, and people in general. Those that are gifted and use their gifts to bring about these changes will be seen as the new spiritual leaders by all faiths, beliefs and positions of power. People will no longer feel threatened or insecure in developing their gifts and abilities because it will brought forth with us having no control to force and repress it. It will no longer be left up to us but through the awakening of all will be brought about by a higher source and greater power. People will see many new and wonderful things to come in the "Dawns Awakening" of all souls. Many will be ready and willing, some, just a few will not share in these new time, because they will not be ready or accepting of the "Dawns Awakening" the power brought forth by the Divine. In actual reality mankind will not have a say or for the first time "control" of preventing this from happening, for the Divine has a higher plan for its inhabitants of earth.

"True Spirituality comes from the heart, it cannot be bought, worn like a costume, copied, pretending it or take it from someone else, it grows inside like a burning flame and resonates in everything you do and say, filling the world with light and love, validating your life. It defines and is who you are. It validates your work and others who come together in unity, for those who are truly spiritual, it brings out their ethics, honesty and integrity that is a part of the whole, making each of us a better person then what we would be."

Author's Bio: 

Rose Schwab is a world renowned clairvoyant psychic medium and professional with over 50 years expertise. She has built up her credible reputation with years of hard work. At age of 4 Rose started using her gifts, age 6 she had her first near death experience and at the age of 10 founded Angelic Inspirations, co-ownership with her sister. Rose has received many official documented awards and recognitions for her outstanding work, voluntarily, for charity, or through her business in trying to change the image and stigma of psychics. Rose teaches workshops, seminars. She is an author, visionary, and artist to name a few. She donates a percentage of her proceeds to food shelters, homeless shelters and devastation as well as helping to raise money for charity causes. Rose can be found at her free 500 page website at