In a recent article in USA Today, reporter Karen S. Peterson writes about social psychologists and researchers, who claim that their research is geared toward "fortifying intuition, sharpening thinking and deepening wisdom." Stuart Vyse, a psychologist, however, stated that " has been shown over and over again that gut reactions are not accurate. It is a mistake to base a decision on a gut feeling." I beg to differ. Intuition, "gut feeling" and "hunches" are often the saving grace to many a soul.

In an article by the Crime Library, "What They Did Last Summer," novelist Lois Duncan (author of "I Know What You Did Last Summer") incurred a tragic, life-altering event when her daughter, 17-year old Kaitlyn was murdered. Using intuition and psychic detective work, the case was subsequently solved.

The difficulty that intuition presents, as Myers points out, is that there are many false prophets who claim to know all and see all; and like any bad apple in the bunch, spoils the whole lot. Many times, it has been intuition and "gut feeling" that has saved people from many a tragedy.

What makes a complete stranger jump before a racing subway train to save another human being? Recent heroism, like that of Navy veteran Wesley Autrey of NY proved that making a split-second decision to save a convulsing man on the tracks was critical. Some might call that stupidity - others might call it luck; I call that intuition. Mr. Autrey, in response to why he had jumped onto the tracks was, "I did what I felt was right." Had his intuition not taken over at that precise second, the man on the tracks would not be alive today.

What makes a person do incredible human feats? Is it simply "adrenaline;" or is adrenaline part of the "gut feeling" or "intuition" that gives us the insight to make strategic plans, and sometimes, lead us down the "right path" in our lives? Another case of intuition...or as some may call it luck...involves a family who decided to take the bus instead of taking the train on a cross-country trip in Germany. The train derailed. Coincidence?

Then there's chains of ”coincidences," like the many who decided not to work on the morning of 9/11. Was that mere coincidence or intuition? Another case of "intuition," involves a young woman who chose to call into work one early Saturday morning. She worked in a sportswear distribution warehouse. On the morning that she was scheduled to work, all the 20+ foot aisles of ton-weight clothing racks toppled like dominoes in the area she would have been working. Gut feeling? Coincidence?

What makes a passerby jump into a lake to save a drowning stranger? Is that simply being a "hero?" No, the commonality of all of these cases is that no one wakes up one morning and says, "Oh, I think I'll be a hero today," or "I think I'll save someone’s (or my own) life today." Intuition is likening to that of "EQ" (Emotional Intelligence). Without it, many people would not even survive. These are instinctive emotions and "gut feelings" that are inherent in the human being. The difference between intuition and false thinking is that your ego mind gets in the way and you want something and want an experience that might not be best for you. False thinking is not hearing the truth of your reality and not wanting to live in truth in that moment. Can a hunch prove to not come true absolutely? The key is to look deeper into the feeling of what was really going on and get the lesson behind it. In general, individuals who have clouded their minds with greed and other habitual tendencies may not be able to think clearly; therefore intuition becomes just as clouded.

I believe that intuition, as our emotional intelligence, is the driving factor in what makes people succeed in life...draws people to each other in positive relationships...transforms our perception and makes us the best humane and compassionate people we can be; both personally and professionally. The major issue that surrounds intuition and developing intuition is not so much that we don't instinctively have intuition; it's the fact that we don't listen to it, or abide by it -- and that's when we end up getting ourselves in a pickle. Intuition, like any other learning module, must be fine-tuned to deliver the best results; whether you use it effectively, well, that’s entirely up to you.

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The Difference between Intuition and False Thinking

By Joan Marie Whelan

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About the Author: Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies.