Through Years of Personal Medical Battles, the Greatest Challenge Came From Learning How to Heal Myself

I spent many years in learning to help my own body heal its self, and it was only after I learned the art of hypnosis that I truly understood why I had been faced with the medical issues that plagued me for so long.

In most cases, I truly believe whole-heatedly that the mind does have total dominion over the body. Without the mind’s permission, very little can happen to the physical conditions.
Of course, most permission is given without conscious consent. But none the less, permission is still granted to things like disease and illnesses.

My practice primarily focuses on people that have conditions and diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, bipolar disorder, high-blood pressure and other potentially life threatening conditions and diseases.

The Causes
It seems that all of these disorders and many others have a common thread. That is, they are all connected to stress disorders. My personal thought is that negative output, such as stress and worry, and anger are a major causes of many personal medical & emotional issues. There are many other contributing factors, of course, but without putting out the negative thoughts from stress and worry, and the like, most diseases can be prevented, and in a great number of cases, cured as well.
The Approach.

My approach to treating these conditions is quite simple. Regardless of whether I am treating an individual client or making a presentation in a group seminar, my approach is consistent. The first session or seminar is focused on Stress. In order to deal effectively with any type of condition or illness, the client must have the rudimentary skills of managing their stress levels. Of course when dealing with such issues as cancer, the stress levels are astronomical, so the focus of treatment must be on this issue first and foremost.
The second issue that must be dealt with is Strengthening & Increasing Your Client’s Metabolism. This is an issue of self-belief. In order to alter the client’s metabolism, you have to readjust their belief system to bring their metabolism to a level that is concurrent with that of a person that is perhaps in their 20’s or early 30’s. By increasing their metabolism to this level, you increase their ability to bring about self-healing.

The Third issue that needs to be addressed is Altering Your Client’s Self Esteem. If a client feels that they are unworthy of being healed, there isn’t anything anyone or anything that can help them heal. Of course, this may very easily require going back into their past to resolve issues they have. Once they can manage dealing with the past issues, it becomes much easier to deal with the current issue.

The Fourth, and final issue focuses on The Art of Self-Healing.
Self-Healing begins with altering our belief systems to understand that we can control our body’s healing systems. This technique is quite similar to working with the metabolism. It involves going into the subconscious and turning up the body’s auto-healing systems. It also involves mastering techniques to draw on the Universal Light of Healing, and enabling the client to understand that they can increase the total levels of healing within their own bodies. The use of Self-hypnosis is an integral part of this new understanding. This should be used with an anchor, such as: “Each time you see the color yellow, remind you that you are calm; relaxed and in control of your mind; your body; and your soul.”

In a recent conversation with an official at a regional cancer treatment hospital, I was informed that there had been several case studies in both the U.S. and Canada that utilized similar techniques on their patients to some remarkable degrees.
The key is to alter the client’s belief systems and implant new concepts of health and longevity. Of course, the level of success depends primarily on the client’s own level of desire. But when given ample tools to wage a stronger battle, minor and sometime even major successes and be made routinely.

Supporting the effectiveness of this technique; in a recent conversation with the owner of a medical device designing & manufacturing company, we discovered that the approaches he uses for clients with Parkinson’s Disease, were almost identical to the techniques I teach my clients. But the greatest benefit was, the clients own thoughts and actions brought about the same type of successes, his expensive devices achieved.

Today, most medical professionals deal with treatment of the symptoms of their patients. If it’s a disease they are dealing with, once again, they treat only the outward manifestations of the disease The true healing can only come from dealing with the not only the symptom, or the disease itself, but also discovering the absolute root of the problem, and teaching the client to manage the source of the problem. After they have learned to manage the source, then providing the necessary tools to wage an effective offensive against the problem becomes a paramount tactic that is both effective and long lasting.

Additional Techniques
In many of my individual clients I also use Reiki Treatments to further enhance the client’s own healing energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses energy to balance the body’s own energy field (aura) to enhance the body’s ability to heal. An effective Reiki Practitioner focuses their own energy, plus the client’s energy to treat disease or condition. Once the energy is introduced into the client’s body, just as the body’s own healing systems, of drawing the white blood cells to areas of infection or disease, the combined energies of both the client and practitioner is drawn to the condition or disease. The energy then begins to bring about healing.

Many progressive hospitals have incorporated Reiki into their normal treatment programs. Reiki can be learned by most people, and as with any other training, the more it is used the more effective it becomes. I have found that Reiki, when combined with hypnotherapy greatly enhances my effectiveness as a practitioner to deal with a great number of illnesses and diseases.

More importantly it also me to provide a greater value to the clients and community in which I serve.

Rod Kelly, CH, MHT
Eye of the Eagle Retreat & Wellness Centre

Author's Bio: 

Rod Kelly is master healing instructor and practices in both Northern Ontario and Connecticut. He will soon be working as an associate with Connecticut Cardiothoracic Surgical Associates, which is one of New England's top rated surgical teams. At his Ontario wellness centre he provides treatment and training in self-healing for a wide range of medical conditions.

His new book, "The Empowerment of Self-Healing" will soon be released and available through most major book distributors.