Namaste – The God in Me Greets the God in You!

I would like to introduce you to the ethos and concepts behind a website nearing completion called the Book of Light., which will be opening to the public on 08-08-08! This website has been built for you, Divine Light Being!

I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I soon realized that in order to make a difference in the world, I would first need to make a difference in my own inner reality. In so doing, I can affect change by example and creative power in my outer reality! Thus, the idea for the Book of Light was born from a deep need to make a difference.

In my search for self-understanding, I came across a great amount of information spread out across the planet in the form of books, websites, and videos and in the minds of individual people. I read many articles on as well, and learned a lot about the spiritual perspectives of others...that I soon realized are all quite wonderful and unique! I had the thought, that it would be wonderful to create a website where people could share these unique perspectives as well as learn from others. The website would collaborate with other like-minded websites (such as and bring together all this varied and enlightening information as well as all the varied and enlightening individuals!

What makes this site really special is its ethos. In order to be a author or member, we would ask you to simply agree to or understand the following:

1. To be motivated by love. That is, your works are about empowerment of the reader. They do not cause fear. They also do not sow division, but instead demonstrate true unity.

2. An acceptance of the intrinsic Oneness of All. Beings that understand that "what you do to another you do to yourself" will bring a positive energy to what they put out in the world. Such beings are therefore desired on

3. An acceptance of the subjective nature of Truth, that each person has their own unique perspective and that no one person's view of "The Truth" is more valid than any other's. This will allow for a diversity of views where such diversity is celebrated not stifled.

Truly a Book of Light!

The information I have come across is sometimes a bit wild and out there, having to do with other dimensions, extraterrestrial beings and such....but all new info feels this way at first. When you get right down to it, most of the information is very scientific in nature that just makes good common sense. As I search within myself for answers to the ultimate questions of “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” and “What is my purpose here?”, I find that science and spirituality begin to converge and one explains the other. Questions about our reality can eventually always be answered with science because intelligent energy IS science and the Universe is made up of this intelligent energy known as Consciousness. We seem to ascribe metaphysical and spiritual titles to concepts that evade currently understood science….but this does not mean that there is NOT a scientific explanation as of yet undiscovered and unexplained. Things are only “magical” when there is no known explanation. With my website I aim to demystify information wherever possible. Ignorance may be bliss…but knowledge is power. The powers that be know this and they hold much of this knowledge from you…even if it is hidden in plain sight! They dictate what you may and may not know…which the Book of Light will share openly and transparently. We feel that this way humanity will be making choices on how to live their lives utilizing ALL the available knowledge, not just half truths and not just information that is engineered to keep you sheeple, malleable and under control. It’s time for freedom, you People of the Light…freedom of thought, freedom of ideas, freedom of knowledge and freedom to choose for ourselves what reality we wish to create.

The goal of the Book of Light website is to illuminate knowledge and through unity and communication help to usher in the new paradigm of unconditional love, joy and compassion for all things. Not in order to proclaim ultimate truths, because “truth” is subjective to your unique perspective…not to begin some new religion (we have enough of those already which act as population control mechanisms) but to shed light on our inner truths through the sharing of knowledge, ideas and information. To have people begin to question their reality, question their politicians, question their religious leaders…rather then sitting by blindly following the word of others in power, who I might add, may or may not have your best interests at heart. The Book of Light is YOUR book! It is meant to open the door to your innermost selves in order that you may find peace and love in your inner reality…which Quantum Physics teaches us, affects positive change in your outer reality. Changing the world starts with YOU! Divine and perfect you! Take the first step right now and look into your mirror today, into your own precious and magnificent eyes and say “I love you and respect you, you are perfect!”

We’re not here to tell you how you should live your life. We’re not here to give you some new doctrine or introduce you to some new church. NO, we are here to tell you that you are the creator of your own reality in every way….that’s all! We are here to illuminate your own power and perfection. We would like to see you utilize all your inherent gifts and will help you learn how. You may have been convinced that you are a “sinner” of some kind in need of salvation from outside yourself. We are here to tell you that you are perfect just the way you are, and if you feel you are in need of salvation then you had better take a good hard look at where you are at in life and realize that you are in control, you are not a victim of circumstance or of other people or places or things…you are a Divine Creator Being…… TAKE control of your life! What do you wish to create today? That should be the question you ask yourself upon waking each day, with gratefulness and love in your heart.

You are part of a greater collective. You are part of Humanity, but more so you are part of the very fabric of the Universe itself. We are all human beings….even more then that, we are all immortal spirit beings, currently experiencing a physical life as humans. We’ve simply forgotten our true divine nature. We can do better then we currently are doing, for ourselves and our planet! We are creating a world where looking at the stranger next to you, you feel love and compassion, you see them as another version of You and you Love them….rather then feeling all of the fear and anger that service to self and self-preservation breeds. Realizing that we are all One….realizing, not just intellectually, but feeling this in your heart: that we are all a drop of water in the ocean that is God…we can work together to create a utopia of joyful, loving co-creation on our beloved Earth….through creating a utopia of joyful, loving, peace, respect and acceptance inside of ourselves first.

I look forward to meeting you in the pages of the Book of Light on 08-08-08... And of course, I love you!

Author's Bio: 

The domain name is owned by Shylo Love: Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Dreamer. Shylo had a beautiful dream, she dreamt that the whole world would someday soon, realize that We Are All One....United together by the very fabric of existence and part of a much larger Collective...on a subatomic level, science is showing us how this often stated concept is truly scientifically supported! She also dreamt of a world where people love each others differences....where uniqueness of ideas is praised for the growth it brings and for our planet to understand it is far from alone in the universe as being a planet housing sentient Life. Her dreams are being realized, each day another awakens to the truth of their own divinity...another is brought home to the unconditional Love this understanding brings. Melanie believes that it is only a matter of time before the individuals part of this dreaming collective have their own beautiful dreams that illuminate the path to the New Paradigm in their perfectly individual way.