In a recent conversation with my friend Wendy Robbins, she brought up one of the important topics that I address in The NEW Think and Grow Rich:

"I'd love for you to talk about procrastination more, because I think a lot of people really raise their hand straight up if you ask them, 'How many of you are procrastinators?' A lot of my listeners would say, 'Yeah, I do, I procrastinate.' Why? Why do we do that?"

This is a great question, and it goes one step further, too. I always call procrastination "the feeling that masquerades as good sense." Because procrastinators can determine, in their own minds, that they're getting more research, so that they'll make a better decision.

But what it really is, is not knowing the way that achievers work—and that is, they get enough information, they make a decision, and then they execute.

Procrastination is just deciding to sell out—it's being afraid. And what are they afraid of? It's usually other people's opinions. They never stop; they never learn the secrets, that they can create their own life.

They are fearful of opinions—and oh, this is really bad. They're not fearful of the opinions of the strong and mighty achievers; no, they're afraid of the opinions of people who don't have anything! People who are family members, their social clique, other high school students—because that's basically where we come into adulthood.

It's important to remember that you are making a decision if you are not making a decision. You’re deciding NOT to be, do, or have that which it is you want.

Nobody ever said you didn't need courage, discipline, and will to become rich. Quite to the contrary. That's the message of Chapter 7 of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, principle #7, Decision—which is also called courage, you know?

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