Welcome to my world of Qi Dao, the ancient energy art of Tibetan Shamanic Qigong. My spiritual tradition, named Qi Dao (or Ch’i Tao if you like this spelling), which literally means “the path of energy,” or “the flow of life force,” is a style of Qigong (also spelled Ch’i Kung) rooted in the Tibetan Shamanic tradition of self-realization called Bön. Following many generations of Tibetan lamas and Shamans since time immemorial, I explore this magical world where the stuff of myths and legends is quite real. Along my spiritual journey, the miracles of natural healing and amazing feats of power have been common place. I came to believe that everyone practicing this “Adventure Yoga” can receive revelations directly from spirit and learn to follow the inner guidance to enjoy being in the flow of the dream called life.

Have you ever thought that your life journey was meant to be a grand adventure, rather than a misadventure? Perhaps, you are one of those lucky individuals who have experienced “being in the flow” or, as some athletes call it, “in the zone.” If you have experienced it, you will probably never forget the profound sense of harmony associated with being in the flow. And if you have never experienced it, at least, you may be able to imagine yourself being empowered, centered and present. Your imagination may be as potent as your memory in preparing you for this exciting adventure in self-realization and learning to live a dream life.

Imagine a world where men and women can travel through life in harmony with each other and the world around them; where every human being can be in touch with his or her inner nature. Everyone there feels confident and free of any artificial limitations that religions, society, or family upbringing tend to impose on people. In such a dream world, everyone has an opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, enjoying all the abundance life has to offer. Picture yourself in a world where every child and adult can feel empowered to openly experience and explore their greatest potentials, allowing them to blossom fully. In this dream world, the powers that used to be considered paranormal or supernatural are daily occurrences. Now you have a chance to turn your life into a heroic quest to discover the true nature of Being.

Of course, being in the flow is not an exclusive prerogative of Tibetan lamas and top-notch athletes. Virtually every indigenous nation on the face of the Earth has stories about the heroes, whose lives were dedicated to the exploration of the unknown, be that unknown lands or their inner realms. Those spiritual adventurers, regardless of their origins and personal histories, experienced profound transformations and astonishing feats of power that most people could only dream about. In our Qi Dao tribe, we call this way of being “dream being,” which means, among other things, experiencing life as though being in a dream. Dream Being is not only a verb, but also a noun representing the source of all your dreams: day-dreams as well as night-dreams. It is the mystical source of the big dream called life that in many Oriental schools of thought is referred to as the Dao (or Tao, if you will).

What is this mystical Dao? It is unseen, but it is everywhere. You may want to know it, but it cannot be intellectually understood. You may strive to find it, even though it has always been within you. “To become one with the Dao” has been the ultimate purpose of meditation retreats, pilgrimages and other spiritual adventures for millennia. Anyone who experiences oneness with the Dao can effortlessly navigate through life, being continuously in the flow, free of attachments, conflicts, or suffering. Nobody can harm or kill such a person, because anyone who would dare to go against him or her would also go against the power of the entire universe. Such an awakened being can fully enjoy the great power and freedom coming from realizing that the daily life and Dream Being are inseparable.

This awareness, however, has hardly anything to do with intellectual cognition or understanding. The more you try to comprehend this by logically thinking about it, the more you employ your linear mind, which will keep you stuck in the head. Trying not to think about it usually does not help either, because, if you try to stop thinking, you must, at least, have thoughts about not thinking. The practice of Qi Dao offers an alternative way to experience a practice of self-realization tailored for spiritual adventurers that is both extremely effective and easy to implement.