I was driving home earlier today when I noticed a flock of birds flying over head. As gracefully as a ballerina gliding across the dance floor, they soared high in the sky. Catching the wind currents as easily as a professional baseball player catches a fly ball. They were beautiful against the gorgeous gentle blue of the sky. In a moment I caught a glimpse of what true freedom is. What it is like to be able to soar high. To not be bound by gravity, or rules made up by other people, or limited to the simple thinking that so many people settle for. In a single moment, my heart was lifted and my spirit began to soar.

I spent the rest of my journey home with a big smile on my face because I knew that everything in my life would be ok, and be perfect just as it is. As it will be. That there is an incredibly benevolent force that wants us to realize true freedom in this lifetime. That wants us to know what happiness and peace are. That it doesn't matter how long our life is or how many years we have, but the quality of those years. To breathe deeply and truly smell the air. To open our eyes and really see every tree as if it were the first time. To feel the sun on our face and the wind on our skin. To taste water, and the gentle kiss of someone who moves our heart in ways that we have never imagined before. To love those we care about and to know that every single moment is ours to do with as we wish, and that freedom, is using those moments to find a place inside ourselves that is complete happiness and peace.

So many people in this world limit themselves and never allow themselves to experience true freedom. Their hearts cling to things that are no good for them or only cause them pain. Their souls cling to stuff that only causes them more sorrow and pain. True freedom is not about laws, or rules, or regulations made by other people. True freedom is about what lies within us. It is about expression in a world that is full of people who want to stiffle our ability to think and to grow. It is about finding peace and happiness inside ourselves in a world that is so full of chaos. Be sure to watch a child and recognize what true innocence looks like. Remember to smell a flower and recognize what heaven smells like. Take the time to look at something beautiful so that you remember what the angels look like. Take the time to breathe deeply and take life in. Remember to find your own freedom.

In the day to day grind of life, things can get very overwhelming and it can sometimes feel as though the weight of the world is sitting on our shoulders. Bills to pay and work to be done. Stuff that has to get finished and places to be at specific times. So much to do and so little time to finish it all. Even in the chaos. In the struggle of every day life, take the time to pause, even if just for a moment, and feel the true beauty of being alive. Take the time to smile and enjoy the experience of life. True freedom comes from not being bound by the everyday things. By being in the world but not of it. Be in the world, but don't let it make you a part of it.

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