I have some news for you, it truly is good news. But before beginning I would like you to stand up….

So, are you standing? Make sure there is a little bit of space around you.

Now, shake the body all over like a big wet dog. Relax everything, shake that head and let all four of your cheeks loose. Make that big wet dog noise deep in your throat and shake like never before. I want to hear those bones creaking and the tight muscles loosening up.

I have been sensing some cobwebs which have begun to form with you and it is well past time to shake those buggers off.

Unfortunately they seem to grow over night, so shaking them off every morning would be a great idea.

It is so easy to get all morose and serious in life as you are battling your way through it, but truly I am about to tell you the biggest joke in the whole universe.

Serious it is not. But totally true it absolutely is. Please take what I am about to tell you about your life quite literally.

Not sure how you are going to grasp this great news, so I'm just going to blurt it out.

You are standing in a room full of smoke and mirrors.

Okay bear with me now….

There is only you in this place and you are flailing around like a mad hatter. You are fighting shadows and your own reflections as if your life depends on it.

The Self (my, myself, I) is a ghost, a phantom creation which is all smoke and mirrors. The unfortunate part is that we identify and fight with it, react and respond to it and treat it as if it is a living breathing entity.

None of that changes the fact that it is all smoke and mirrors.

The planet is like a mad house with no nurses and far too much medication. Once your eyes open to it you will truly be amazed. Until then you will continue to fight the demons in the smoke instead of walking away and turning your back on the mirrors and letting the sun shine in its place.

Can't you feel the continuous combat? I know you can.

You have become so numbed out to it because you are so busy fighting, and you don't see that you are totally alone. It is only you.

All that happens in this place, from top to bottom and tip to toe, is all utterly your creation. The contents of every moment of your every day life is entirely created by you.

Honestly, it's true.

You exhaust yourself in your attempt to 'win' the fight of life, but there is no opponent. It is literally you fighting with yourself.

You complain that you don't want to fight anymore, that you are tired of the constant barrage of abuse that you find coming your way, but it is always just you doing it to yourself. Not sometimes, but every time.

There is never any other, regardless of the internal or external appearance of life. It is all always smoke and mirrors.

Now here is where it gets really funny....

All it takes for the fight to be finished is for you to stop fighting and relax.

It is as simple as that. Stop fighting and relax.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? That is because it is, you just haven’t been told ‘how’ to stop fighting and relax. Also the Self will do anything but stop fighting and relax. ( If you are ready to see the smoke and mirrors for what they truly are the ‘How To’ E-Book will show you how to easily let the view clear right now.)

The fighting actually creates the smoke and there is no shortage of it. But when you stop fighting, the smoke then has the space to clear and you can see the mirrors and your reflections for what they are.

You can then see with clarity and amusement that you believed you were lost, when in fact it is entirely impossible to be lost. There is nowhere to go in order for you to even be able to be lost.

You are, you always have been and you will always be in this same place whether you are aware of it or not.

This place is this eternal now moment. Not as an idea of now, but simply right now.

You find when you stop fighting life that you are then naturally relaxed, open, loved and loving. Naturally.

You need to stop the fight. Stop creating that smoke. Only then can life flow without the confusion, frustration and suffering that it appears to be so full of.

Nothing else needs to change. Perfection already is. You already are.

Just give up, surrender that need to fight for your survival. I promise it will not kill you, quite on the contrary. You will be truly alive for the first time and instead of all that damn smoke choking your life to death, the true beauty of life can fill your picture.

It is all so easy. Funny isn't it?

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