It is vital to the happiness of every individual that he or she continues to evolve in spiritual growth, self-awareness, and personal development. This growth and expansion as our true and authentic self is the basis of all spirituality. Accordingly, this growth and expansion can be enhanced by the use of the gift of imagination for creativity.

Progression and advancement in consciousness is the Universal Law of Continual Consciousness. And just how does creativity and imagination play an impacting role in our progression and advancement in consciousness? It plays a role through our ability to constructively and productively use the imagination to co-create life. The imagination when use properly begins the process of allowing the Creative Spirit to move.

Each time we use the gift of imagination properly we stir creative expression (the movement of the creative spirit). Creative expression promotes conscious evolution and spiritual growth. This growth and evolution is possible because as we use the gift of imagination, we are inspired and we inspire others. This inspiration is the substance which allows us to become more and add more life to life. Accordingly, if we were to ever wonder what the greatest desire for all mankind and womankind could be, the answer would be—more life. More life is riches and we have a divine right to live richly and in abundance.

Now, the question is, how can we use our imagination effectively to enhance creativity, conscious evolution, and spiritual growth? The answer is, go to the core of your being where your true and authentic self resides. Your true and authentic self is a natural co-creator who has been implanted with a vision for purpose in life. When we use the gift of imagination from the core of our true and authentic self, we are powerful co-creators and most importantly we are functioning as unstoppable visionaries.

A fine illustration from an artistic perspective is the art form of performance art, specifically acting and dramatic interpretation. An actor or actress who wants to deliver a powerful and dynamic performance always looks for ways to relate to the character from his or her true and authentic self—why? By taking the time to relate some aspect of the character’s nature to his or her true and authentic self, the performance becomes more authentic. And if this actor or actress is seeking to communicate something about life and the human condition, he or she evolves and grows from having “played” the role of the character.

For example, if you were an actress who wanted to play the role of Lady Macbeth and you wanted to identify with her character, you may want to tap into your desire for success and fame in order to understand Lady Macbeth’s ambition and greed. To heighten the identification and relation to the character, you may use your imagination to intensify your desire for success in order to understand Lady Macbeth’s level of ambition. You may ask yourself: “What lengths would I go to achieve success?” With greater intensity with the use of your imagination, you may imagine what Lady Macbeth is feeling. How she make think she is justified in her actions. Later as she is tormented with guilt of her actions, you may use your imagination through the knowledge of your true and authentic self to understand her guilt.

Once your performance of Lady Macbeth has ended, it would be beneficial to you the artist to take the time to discover what new things you have discovered about who you really are and what is important to you. As such, by way of creativity and your imagination, you have grown in some way spiritually and consciously for having played the role of Lady Macbeth.

The same is true when we sing a song, draw picture, paint a portrait, or read literature. The same is true when we visualize how we want to live our lives, take meditative journeys to understand our true desires, or journal for self-realization. Creativity is creativity. It does not matter if creativity is used for art, personal development, spiritual development, self-actualization, or self-improvement. It does not matter because in the process, we are embarking on a journey to discover more about who we really are. The authenticity of this discovery is what leads to spiritual growth, conscious evolution, personal power, and success. This freedom of self-discovery becomes contagious and it inspires others to reach within to create more life.

So, if you desire to grow, progress, and expand spiritually and consciously, use the gift of imagination in the creation process. Imagination is a powerful gift and it is most powerful when we use it as our true and authentic self. The journey begins when we let go and let the Creative Spirit move.

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