Scientist’s recreated the big bang in an attempt to find the God particle haven’t heard how that went but given I wasn’t sucked into any black holes I would assume all is okay. I am sure Creator is upstairs thinking he/she has tuned into the Universe’s version of extreme makeover. Lets tear her down and rebuild! The promo would go something like this “We had letters from all over the galaxy including this one from Earth.”

Dear Universe my home has been infested by humans and sadly is now starting to fall to bits the polar cap is melting, the oxygen levels are falling in the oceans, there’s a big hole in the ozone layer and more rubbish than one planet can handle. If you cannot help me I don’t know what I will do.

Then short clip of busy little humans plugged in and tuned out to anything but their Ipod and Blackberry. And the tag line “Tune in as we wipe out world’s population and rebuild in 7 days using the latest technological breakthrough the God particle.” And a little disclaimer would run across the milky way in tiny letters “Please note the God particle does not come with souls. To those wishing to add these please click the link below

Am I a little cynical maybe or perhaps I would like to believe some things can’t be brought like I dont know….the human soul. Or maybe we are screwed up enough as a race and I am not sure I want to recreate ‘us’ given what a shitty job we are doing at the moment. Again I would question the need to capture the human spirit I kinda like the fact it can run free. Would I want a hand me down soul some scientist created in a lab not so much. The Mona Lisa has been copied a million times but no one will ever duplicate the essence of the original smile. I would like to think on some level I am like the Mona Lisa a one of a kind original I am sure I have a certificate here somewhere a mark of authenticity this is an a original Creation signed God. Oh wait there it is I can’t see it but I feel it the divine light of unconditional love.

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