There is hardly a day goes by when we don't hear of organizations shedding jobs by downsizing, outsourcing to low wage countries, or automating work that was once done by people. None of us needs convincing that we live in turbulent and volatile economic times.

On the other hand new jobs are being created all of the time and there will be plenty of good jobs that pay well and provide a basis for fulfillment and satisfaction. In the new world of work for people with the right knowledge, skills, ideas and the right level of awareness and understanding of the forces driving the workplace, will have plenty of opportunities.

What do these jobs look like and what qualities will be needed to fill them?

In order to do the work associated with the new jobs requires what we call a workplace skills package. The workplace skills package is about being a leader, being able to excel at the technical level and to also being able to do things like collaborating with others both within and outside the organization to get things done, to find creative solutions and/or synthesize existing technologies that solve customers' and colleagues' needs, to explain complexity in simple terms and to be adaptable and flexible.

Organizations desperately need people with the modern workplace skills package and they are finding it hard to find people with a strong workplace skills package. Individual workers need the modern workplace skills package if they are to have access to the good paying and safe jobs.

For individuals it’s about having the capacities and qualities needed to contribute to the optimization of the organization’s supply chain. Supply chain optimization is the key to prospering in the new business regime and excelling in the workplace skills package is the key to this.

One of the defining features of the modern business regime is the continuous innovation that occurs. Today’s breakthrough becomes tomorrow’s cast off. This means that organizations and individuals who have strong workplace skills i.e. who can collaborate with others to get things done, who can innovate, who can synthesize existing technologies in new ways that satisfy customers’ and colleagues’ needs, who are flexible and adaptable will be needed for continuous innovation in order to keep the organization to the forefront in its supply chain.

The modern workplace skills package requires what we call enhanced awareness and communication capacities. These capacities require a much broader and deeper range of awareness that does not exist on a broad front, at this stage within the workforce. Many forward looking organizations are looking at the “spiritual” dimensions as a way of helping their people expand their range of awareness. It is well documented that many of the most successful people in a range of fields including business have an established meditation practice.

An expanded level of awareness will also be required as we all adjust to a lifestyle that involves the consumption of less “stuff”. There is simply no alternative to living within the limits of the Earth’s finite resources. Adjustment to a simpler but not simplistic lifestyle, that involves consuming less stuff, will challenge us all to be aware in a more advanced way.

Rapid and continuous change also tends to destabilize our sense of identity and the meaning that we need to anchor our lives. Human beings cannot live without a meaningful understanding of who they are and where they fit into the world.

To handle the new “middle and above jobs” we will all need a sense of mission or vision about what we want to do with our lives. We will also need to have a clear notion of how we can add value or be of benefit to our organization’s end customer, or our own customers if we are self employed. Moreover we will need what all successful organizations have, which is our own brand that captures where our talents lie and how we can make a difference in the world.

Career Mentoring Institute is one the few organizations that concentrates upon helping people develop the workplace skills package including the capacity for leadership and the capacities required to be able to collaborate, to innovate, to synthesize and to be adaptable and flexible. These are the talents that organizations are crying out for in the whole of the global economy. They are really what the talent shortage is about.

CMI has created an on-line learning community dedicated to helping people develop the workplace skills package. Those who successfully complete a course receive certification which is evidence that they have reached honors, merit or a passing grade in that course. This is a valuable qualification signaling to employers that those with CMI certification have valuable talents needed in the modern workplace. This is something employers value in their people.

All of CMI’s online courses adopt a developmental framework recognizing that human beings undergo evolutionary developmental shifts in their physical and mental growth that makes it possible for them to manage greater and greater complexity.

There are two main features of the CMI courses that develop workplace skills. The first is the developmental framework that helps people expand their awareness so that they can take on board a wider and deeper range of perspectives. In particular at CMI we specialize in helping people transform from what we call a Technician Awareness Logic to an Achiever Awareness Logic. Technicians are usually highly competent at the technical stuff, but find it difficult to collaborate and take on board the range of perspective that collaboration and innovation require. If you have reached the Technician stage of awareness (and most people in the workforce are at this stage) then you will appreciate how difficult it is to think and act in ways beyond the technical demands of your work.

Our tutors and coaches are able to appreciate the stage of development a person has reached and help them see things in a broader perspective so as to collaborate and to see how to fashion their work in ways that contribute to the solution of customers' and colleagues' needs. Our courses have a sensitive blend of challenge and support ensuring the real and lasting change occurs.

The second special feature of the CMI courses is the way they help people deal with the psychological dynamics that unconsciously act so as to inhibit a full and flourishing workplace skills package. As human beings we are all complex individuals with a range of contradictory commitments that mean that we find it hard, perhaps impossible to change and take on board the workplace skills package.

In our courses we help people understand their own contradictions in a non-threatening way so that they can overcome them in a way that does not create anxiety or psychological trauma. Sometimes we are more fearful of facing these contradictions than of anything we face in life. Our tutors handle this issue with sensitivity, compassion and care.

Our courses require real work as they challenge participants to make real and lasting changes in their lives. However, our world is poised at one of the most challenging eras ever faced. If we are to prosper in what will be very challenging times then the CMI’s courses will provide the participants with the material you will need in order to develop the capacities that will be necessary to have a job that pays well and is safe.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr Bob Calkin created the Career Mentoring Institute which is an on-line learning community dedicated to helping people develop the capacities required to deal with the demands of the modern business regime. Dr Calkin has had a lifetime's experience researching and studying the changing character of work and how it has changed over time. He is very interested in how the workplace will change and how we will will adapt to the demands of a more simple but not simplistic life style, that will involve the consumption of less stuff.