A Universe of Living Thinking Substance

“Everything is made from living thinking.”1

As quantum physics has revealed, there is more ‘space’ between the atoms than there are atoms or measurable particles of matter. In the Divine Matrix2, Gregg Braden states there is “a growing body of research suggesting that we’re more than cosmic latecomers simply passing through a universe that was completed long ago.” Evidence reveals that we are actually creating or adding to the universe as we go…that we are the energy forming the cosmos, as well as the beings experiencing what we’re creating.

In the Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles states:

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.” It appears that everything is made from living thinking, and this living thinking is the formless ‘space’ between the atoms.

In Glenda Green’s Love Without End, this ‘thinking stuff’ is called adamantine particles, which are described as the elementary particles of creation, which cannot be broken down, altered, or manipulated in any way—they are consciousness commanded by Love alone. “These particles represent a continuous flow of high frequency potential, which manifests into discrete forms and arrangements under the command of love. Unfortunately, humankind is so dominated by sensory perception and structural containments, that we are virtually unconscious of this powerful moving force.”3

The power of the universe is held within these adamantine particles; they are in infinite supply and are commanded by love alone. “No matter how far we advance in our technology, unless we have love, we have nothing.”4

“Adamantine particles are the only particles that actually create mass…The matrix from which they spring is the continuous filament of undefined potential, which is the eminent and undivided presence of the one spirit. So, from another perspective, adamantine particles may be described as the ultimate points which manifest and delineate infinity, thus activating its potential and making possible all manifest form.”5

The implication is that from our point of love, we have access to unlimited potential, and can create in form from this living Substance. And so we have the ability to tap into an inexhaustible Supply on a personal level. When we are love, all of our creations are the result of “dynamic interactions of living entities” (i.e. the adamantine particles), and these creations are eternal, dwelling beyond time and space. When we create from this ‘thinking stuff’, adamantine particles, or Original Substance, we “lay up our treasures in Heaven.”

Many people have misunderstood the directive to “lay up treasures in Heaven” to imply that material wealth goes against spirituality. And while the pursuit of material gain for its own sake points to hidden agendas and unmet needs, and this is supported by the ego mind, material gain as a by-product of fully expressing who we are in life is a natural phenomenon that is upheld by the universal laws of creation. When we are love and seek full expression of our being in life, we naturally create or bring forth new material that enriches life.

We block this natural process by our misguided and distorted beliefs about scarcity and a limited resource base, which keeps us in various levels of suppression, blocking us from receiving, and thereby compromising the whole of creation.

A big misconception about the Law of Attraction is that whatever you attract you are not taking away from others because there is an infinite Supply. But this statement is only true if you are attracting from that infinite Supply. While that supply exists, the key question is, “Are YOU tapping into it?” If you attract from the love that you are, then you’re interacting with infinite thinking Substance and receiving from infinite Supply. If you attract from the ego mind, however, you’re taking from a limited supply. This is the crux of the confusion around the Law of Attraction that is even unclear to many of its teachers.

We create a world of inequity in the ego mind. Many people have obtained wealth in ways that exploit others, while others see themselves as victims of exploitation due to mass consciousness suppressive programming. With exploitation, a limited supply is redistributed and the whole world is impoverished as a result. But when we learn to do things from our love-consciousness, or what Wattles refers to as the creative mind, we tap into the infinite Supply and bring forth new riches into the world. No one is exploited; in fact, the whole world is enriched and blessed with value that would not have been there without us. We are each a wellspring of unique potential and when we bring our potential to expression through this ‘thinking Substance’, life is increased that everyone may be blessed.

Some may argue that the truly spiritually blessed lead lives of poverty. But Mother Theresa, for example, though she chose to live simply in terms of material comforts, was by no means ‘poor’. A multitude of resources rushed to support her work and she was richly blessed with capacities of soul because she chose to live her life in full expression of what was stirring within her. She chose to live in poverty in a material sense because it was part of her vow of service to the “poorest of the poor”. But importantly, her ’poverty’ did not limit her work or her expression in the world. We each have a unique viewpoint and unique qualities which lead to different stirrings and passions within us, and it is not right to think that we all must become Mother Theresas. Some people create great works of art; others are nurturers, teachers, great healers, superb marketers, dedicated farmers, philanthropists, scientists or inspired policy makers. Some enjoy the limelight and bring forth timely influences for many; others work quietly impacting much smaller circles. All these expressions of human life are valid and worthy, provided one is striving to be the best they can and to come to full expression of what is stirring within them.

The Harmful Effects of Scarcity Consciousness

“When you behold expansion with love, you empower your life with richness. If you think life in terms of conflict, scarcity, and destruction, you will sanction a denial of your own higher power.”6

Scarcity consciousness stifles and kills what stirs within the self. How often have you stifled a creative idea or desire, thinking you didn’t have the resources and the means to do it? A purpose, a talent, a dream, an idea, or a love may be killed so easily within the self because of the belief in scarcity. When we do this, we deny and disempower the self, creating a life of compromise and unhappiness. Furthermore, we arrest the flow of opportunities that were in the making to support our desire, and we rob others of the beneficial impact of supporting those opportunities. What we set in motion for our highest good is also for the highest good of others. We are one with thinking Substance, and so how could one be served well and not all? Stifling the flow of our personal opportunities is stifling to others as well.

We’ve been so ingrained with principles of limitation that have fostered competition, greed and fear, that the concept of infinite Supply is not readily accessible to many. Most people will argue that we are depleting the earth’s resources and that there are hard limitations as evidenced by so many troubling ecological situations presently. But we are witnessing a world of our creation—the expression of beliefs held by mass consciousness about limitation, scarcity, inequity, and self-preservation. Our interaction with our world thus far, has not been one of looking out for the greater good of all and so we have gone against our own best interests. We are short sighted and misguided when we think that what is for the greater good is not also to our personal advantage. Acting according to our personal highest good and the highest good of all are one and the same.

We create a world of limited resources when we partake of competitiveness, greed, fear, and envy, stifle our desires out of perceived lack or means, or conduct dealings that are inequitable and do not uphold fair exchange and the principles of justice. By our thoughts and actions, we determine the world we choose to live in. At present, as a collective, we have chosen the world of competition, greed, and exploitation and are experiencing war and a dwindling resource base—so much so that even our water and air threaten to become scarce commodities that fall under control and exploitation.

A paradigm shift around abundance, and tapping into a world of infinite Supply and unbounded potential, is not only of benefit on a personal level but is also critical in order that we begin to choose collectively a world of peace, cooperation, and prosperity. What is for your highest good is for the highest good of the collective. When you tap into the infinite Supply through non-competitiveness and allow your greed to transform to passion and striving, your envy of others into being inspired by others, your dissatisfaction with your scarcity and lack into impulses for change, and so forth, you then begin to contribute to a world of peace and harmony. War is not changed by policy or by force; it will disappear when enough among the masses choose to be at peace and positively engaged with life on a personal level. As Wattles stresses, the best way to help the plight of the poor and oppressed is to become the absolute best that you can in life, because this lessens the mass hallucination of scarcity.

“There is no greater gift that you can give to another
than that of self-realization.”7

The Right to Thrive

“You have the right to live in fullness and to seek all the blessings of life.”8

Many teachers of the Law of Attraction use themselves as examples and conclude that anyone can amass great wealth as they did. This may be true, but are we making millionaire status a new gauge for enlightenment? The Law of Attraction operates for the ego as well as for the true self. It is only the Law of Love that cannot be manipulated by the ego and that will lead to fulfillment of true destiny. The fact is that some people’s destiny or soul expression does not mesh with millions and billions of dollars and the interest to manifest that simply is not there. The key is that each of us must connect to the love that we are—our unique point of infinity where we are united with God—to bring forth what is stirring. All desire from that point is God seeking expression in us. When we align our purpose in our love and strive to be the best we can, all the resources we will ever need to fulfill our personal dreams and destiny will manifest for us, as the entire universe conspires to move us forward. When we harmonize with the impulse of life, the creative energies are most powerfully attracted to us, and new riches will enter the world through us. When you choose to engage in life and increase your capacity for it, you will thrive beyond what you can imagine, and the whole world will be enriched as a result.

We are told we have an inalienable right to thrive and seek the fullness of life. So how could the means not be provided if it is our right? All our human rights are upheld naturally by the universal creative laws, which implement the Law of Love. Our right to thrive is demonstration of this law. It is only in our ignorance of this right, that we attach ourselves to various forms of suppression and suffering.

All Thoughts are not Created Equal

It is said that when 18% of the population shifts, all the rest will also experience a shift in consciousness. In Power versus Force, David Hawkins states that a person at a level above 540 on the consciousness scale (vibration of joy) provides a counterbalance to 750,000 people below 200 (consciousness of fear).9 The divine universal laws promote our success, because thoughts of love and goodwill are far more powerful than are thoughts of fear. They implement the Law of Love as primary power of creation, and all that is love is met with synergy and increase.

The formless intelligent Substance that pervades All is the expression of God and is love. God is both creator and substance of creation; God is both the impulse and the means. If we are to become powerful co-creators, we need to observe and model our creation according to the best there is. When our thoughts harmonize with the medium of their expression, there is cooperation and ease; whereas, thoughts that are in disharmony with the means produce friction and resistance. And so our thoughts that emerge from our essence as love become easily imprinted on the medium of creation and are cooperatively and synergistically brought to manifestation. Thoughts sponsored by the ego, on the other hand—though they will produce manifestations as we have free will—, do not harmonize with the medium of creation and so are subject to a greater friction and are thus less powerful. Furthermore, just as God is simultaneously creator and substance, impulse and means, so we are too. The more we immerse in the love that we are, the more whole or seamless we become and the closer we come to god-realization.

The Power of Love

In creating from our point of infinity or love, we tap into unlimited potential and infinite Supply, and everything that comes to us is in divine order. We don’t take, but rather we receive. On the other hand, when we don’t create from that love, we compete for the limited supply and sustain a bounded, limited world of competition. We then take our wealth from the world of matter. Both methods bring us supply via the Law of Attraction--but one taps into the Law of Love, and creates something eternal within us, while the other creates what will be subject to karma and transformation. It is really the Law of Love that holds the power. The Law of Attraction is part of the implementation of life—much like the law of inertia or the law of gravity—, enabling us to experience our consciousness. We can create a lot of less-than-love stuff with the Law of Attraction. But the Law of Love cannot be used to create anything other than the everlasting; it is the motivation, purpose, meaning…it is God. Understanding the Law of Love on a practical level will foster a paradigm shift towards a world of unlimited possibility supported by unbounded resources for all to express the fullness of their god nature.

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Anita Briggs is a psychotherapist practicing in Hampton, NB, who does Rapid Eye therapy for emotional release. She has recently co-developed Inner Mastery Tools for accelerated clearing and rescripting of dysfunction, for use by therapists or individuals. The first Tool released is the Affirmation Enhancer Tool (http://www.affirmationenhancer.com ). This article was partly excerpted from an upcoming product, The Spirituality of Wealth (http://www.spiritualityofwealth.com ), a program to develop the consciousness of abundance that contains activations of the Inner Mastery Tools. For more information, contact Anita at azbriggs@nbnet.nb.ca.