This particular drug has had devastating effects on people’s lives, causing deadly addictions, and very severe physical dependencies to it. Developing an addiction from this drug can happen in many different ways:

  • Doctor prescription for long-term pain management
  • Doctor prescription after an operation or injury
  • Already existing opiate users experimenting with it
  • Illegal street purchase, frauding prescriptions, purchasing online

All of this can potentially lead to long-term abuse, overdose, and life threatening health problems for anybody who is abusing it.

It can be found in every major city throughout North America, and has a continually growing market of buyers, sellers, and users. This has also caused rehabilitation centers, and law enforcement agencies to develop new approaches in solving the growing problem of addiction and crime associated with this drug.

Oxycodone was developed in the early nineteen hundreds in Germany, and it was not until 1939 when it was introduced to the North American market. At that time it was found to be an active ingredient in a number of different pain medications. The common name OxyContin is a brand name developed by Purdue Pharma, and is a time-release formula of Oxycodone. OxyContin has become easily accessible to anybody who wants to find it, and has made its way into the news headlines more than once:

  • Drug store robberies
  • Teenagers overdosing
  • Pills being sold around schools
  • Drug busts and arrests from the illegal possession and distribution
  • Increase in emergency room visits
  • Increase of addiction and physical dependency

These are just some of the many problems this particular pharmaceutical drug has caused for individuals, and throughout local communities. Although this drug is regulated in many different countries, it continues to pose major threats worldwide. Proper drug awareness does need to be taken in order to prevent addiction, and severe physical dependency to this drug. For more information about handling oxycodone (oxycontin) addiction/dependency, contact Narconon right away.

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