There are five basic needs that have to be taken care of in life. These basic needs have to be
taken care of in order for anyone to get to a point where they are able to truly express themselves
in life and feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. The four lower level needs are basic daily
survival. Not taking care of these needs will force us to put more energy and time into them than is
necessary. Though the needs are broken down as seperate entities, they are interconnected. Each
higher need is connected to the needs below it, and not properly taking care of a lower need will
cause a need to back track. The five needs are physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem, and

The last and final level of need is the area of self actualization. This includes things such as creativity,
morality, sponteneity, problem solving, and acceptance. This level is about living up to your full
potential. Self actualization is the ability to realize what you are capable of becoming and creating
in the world. The ability to create the life of your dreams. The ability to express ones creativity is
vital here as well as ones ability to adapt and problem solve. Learning to accept those things that
one can do nothing about as well as accept responsibility for the things one can change.

Creativity is ones ability to take a concept or idea and create something new out of it. It is said
many times over that all ideas that can be created already are. The only thing different is their
presentation. Creativity allows the soul to express itself to the world. Creativity is our way of
offering our unique perspective on things in a way that others can use or see. Learning to tap
into your creativity allows you to take your inner feelings and thoughts and express them to
the world. It also allows you to take other ideas and use them to better your own life in any way
that you see fit. This may or may not include your financial situation. Many ideas that have
made men wealthy in the past were nothing more than a change in concept. Take a look at
the local blender section of your local Wal-Mart. Are all those different types and styles
necessary? Of course not, yet they all sell or they wouldn't be on the shelf.

Morality is a very important idea. One must create and understand their boundries. What
they will and will not put up with. What they will and will not do. There is nothing that is
absolutely black and white 100% of the time. Most people claim they will not steal, and this
is a very good thing, however, I would bet that if the only way to feed their children after
all other possibilities have been explored and failed was to steal, they would do so to feed
their family. At this level of needs, it is important to develop boundries in ones life. How
much time you will put into something be it a job or a relationship. Where you will turn
and walk away and when you will keep going. What will you stand up for and what will
you ignore. What will you represent and what is not worth your time or energy. What will
eat at your concious because you did or did not do it and what will not.

Self actualization is the greatest thing that anyone can do for the world. When you know
who you are and what you represent and what you intend to create in the world, as long
as it's positive, the world cannot help but benefit from you and your contribution. It is
important to make sure the lower levels of need are taken care though as you begin to
develop yourself and realize what you want to create in the world. So go forth, and realize
everything you are capable of. Remember, there is more power and strength within you
than there is in the world.

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