Wouldn't life be grand if things were to always work out the way we wanted them to? Just imagine that; life with no adversity. Yeah, right...OK, snap out of it. Life has never been, nor will it ever be without its ups and downs. If there's one thing all human beings have in common it's that we are constantly being tested by life's challenges. So the question is not, will life challenge you but rather, how will you react when it does?

The ability to confront and productively overcome life's challenges can be considered the number one most important quality shared by all successful people. If you lack the ability to bravely and confidently stand eyeball to eyeball with adversity, then anything else you do in your journey toward success will have very little meaning.

The phrase "a plum in the syrup" is a metaphor for those times in life when things do not go according to plan and more importantly, how you respond. You have virtually zero control over THE circumstances you'll have to deal with in life but at the same time you have 100% complete control over HOW you'll deal with them. In a nutshell: what happens to you in life is not what's important, it's how you deal with it that's important.

In the discussion of dealing with life's challenges, there can only be two types of people: victors and victims. Victors let nothing stand in the way of their great achievement. There is no obstacle a victor cannot overcome. They see life's challenges for what they are - opportunities to improve upon themselves and their work processes. Victors recognize that without life's challenges, there would exist no opportunity for self-growth.

Victims on the other hand waste a lot of time brooding about the adversities they face. They do not see life's challenges as opportunities for improvement but rather as reasons to accept mediocrity. When a victim is challenged by life they'll gladly take the path of least resistance. A victim will remain resistant to change and will therefore accept a challenge as a signal to quit.

Life does not catapult anybody to greatness without first testing their worthiness. Do you think those who achieve great things in life give up in the face of a challenge or do you think they find a way to rise above? This world is filled with victims and life does not reward victims.

And be accepting of the fact that life will never stop challenging you. Regardless of where you live or how much success you may've already achieved, you will have to confront challenges on an almost daily basis. In fact, the more successful you become, the more challenges you can count on facing.

So from this day forward understand that any "woe is me" attitude will absolutely hold you back from great accomplishment. Learn to see the opportunities which exist in every challenge you face and I can guarantee you'll achieve the greatness which is your destiny.

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