The question of size can be pondered by men and women for all of eternity, but one thing is indisputable, and it is that the shape of your land, home or business buildings are very important. The most obvious reason is that if something is missing in the shape, it will reflect an area of your life that is potentially missing as well.

It all begins with the mouth of chi. Once you locate the mouth of chi, you can then look at the overall shape of the space. In this article, the information is equally valid regardless of the words home or business.

The easiest shape to work with, and the most complete, is a square. However, more and more houses these days are made with odd shapes. I don't know why this is so popular. Maybe home builders think that square homes are too boring. Or maybe their choices are dictated by their budget. I’m not sure what the actual reason is behind the majority of homes being built today. What I do know is that homeowners everywhere are the ones who suffer when a home is built with missing pieces.

If you look at the shape of your home, you might be surprised to discover that it has an uncanny resemblance to a shape that you would see in life. A common shape that is seen is the cleaver-knife shape. Another is the boot shape. And then there is the revolver, gun shape. With descriptions like these, I hope you can see that shape is important. If you happen to live in a cleaver-knife shaped house and you have your bed on the "blade" of that shape, how do you think that is translating its effects in your life? What seems like the logical conclusion? If you live in a boot-shaped house, you will want to observe which room is at the heel of that “boot”. What do you think it would mean if the relationship area of your home was located at the heel of the boot? How about your finances? Reputation?

One of the greatest gifts of discovering Feng Shui is that you learn how to make amends to the problematic shapes of the buildings in which you live and work. You can “enhance” areas that are missing in the land shape, in the shape of your home or business and in the rooms themselves. Feng Shui gives you tools to make the “wrongs” in your life right for you. Using ancient wisdom, intention and solutions that are both transcendental and mundane, you can stop being a victim of your surroundings and start living from a place of power and strength.

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, there is a common sense side to it that goes way beyond the mystical. There is an undeniable practicality to making the most of the spaces where we live. That is the bottom line of applying Feng Shui knowledge to your life. We all want the best that life has to offer, and Feng Shui is a tool that will help you to have that.

Author's Bio: 

Logynn B. Northrhip is a consultant, lecturer, and certified practitioner in Black Sect Feng Shui. She has been privileged to study with Grand Master Thomas Lin-Yun who introduced the Feng Shui methods of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism to the Western world. Her advanced BTB training includes study with Seann Xenja of

In addition, she was accepted into The Academy of Power Feng Shui in Santa Fe, New Mexico three years ago to complete her Certificate and Graduate studies. This life-changing style of Feng Shui as taught and developed by Valmai Howe Elkins, author of Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective, evolved from principles established in China 3000 years ago. Power Feng Shui's revolutionary approach combines and focuses intellect and intuition to powerfully uncover, unblock and enhance the dynamic flow of creative energy within us.
Ms. Northrhip is a 1991 graduate of Texas State University with a B.A. in Journalism/Public Relations.
She can be reached through her website at or by telephone at 281/235-2382.