Intuition is not just a mystical and entertaining, topical, religious, or female kind of feeling. No, no, no—intuition is our consciousness guiding us, telling us what it knows to be right.

Hey, everybody's got an opinion, and there are certain systems set up. For instance, you grow up, get a good education so you won't have serious problems, get a good job. Well, I think you can see that this is still the systemized approach, and I think you can see that it doesn't lead to very much fulfillment.

On the other hand, the person who finds that, "Yeah, I do have to deliver a business service," can set his own course. I actually know a guy like this, and I model myself after him. I do have to provide a business service—and I want to do it in a way that makes me money, in a way that lets me live the lifestyle I want.

This guy I'm talking about actually loves trash. He's known as the King of Trash.

Now, he's not an unkempt, burly, unclean guy. He's a businessperson who was fascinated with trash from the days of his youth—and we're talking about six and seven years old here. He’s unrolled a dynasty from the ideas he fell in love with as a child!

He realized something, he had a breakthrough in thought, that other men and women go to the grave without ever having. That is, everybody generates trash… And it's residual, because it's renewing and it has be disposed of. It has to be picked up, and there will come another cycle.

Today, he has thousands of trash trucks running all over the world, including Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Panamá. He's not hurting for money, thank you.
Today, though he’s still as aggressive as he was in his earlier days, he is on easy street! The secret of his success? He followed his intuition and good business sense. When you do that and then think logically, you're on the right track. Again, you've got to provide a service; and what kind of service can provide the lifestyle you want?

And by the way, he's not picking up trash himself. He's got the proper mentality there: you don't work in your business, you work on your business.

Oh and, age?... From college students to retired people, there’s numerous stories… College students: Sergey Brin and Michael Dell? Founders of Google and Dell Computers, respectively.

That's another good thought. But it all hinges on following your intuition: the inspired thought that, when you get it, you know it's yours.

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