Becoming a writer these days can be very easy because of the possibilities that the Internet has available. From blogs to forums, you can branch out into a writing career using these two easy methods of writing.

You see, there are a lot of business owners who are noticing the power of blogs and forums, but they just don't have time to do all that writing themselves. So what do they do? They look to hire writers to do the job for them. However, if they don't know where to find you as a writer, you are out of luck.

Some new writers cannot afford to sign up with elance or any of the other paid writing bid services. If you accept the free service, you are limited in what you can do at these writing bid sites.

My suggestion is to go online and search for businesses that have forums and blogs that need more content. Write a short letter to the owner and let them know how you can help them. Don't submit samples with your first letter. Just tell them in a nice way that you had visited their website (blog or forum or both) and that you were very impressed with their design, but that you noticed the lack of content and remind them that the search engine craves new content that you can offer on a daily basis. Sell yourself.

You would be surprised how many will take you up on the offer. However, before you do that, start your own blog. This will impress them even more. It does not have to a blog you have had for a long time. You can start a blog for free at and Make sure you post an article or two on your blog before sending your sales email.

You have to practice what you preach, correct? No use you telling the business owner what they need to do and you are doing otherwise. Be bold. Courage will get you to better places than fear will. You are the creator of your own life. So do something about it today. The Internet is your friend and you need to use it to your advantage.

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