Are you listening?

Somewhere within you, lies the knowledge that you have a powerful intuitive sense. It may be a force that you rely upon everyday and presents with great confidence. Or it may be something that lurks beneath the surface and eludes your conscious awareness. Regardless of where you are on your personal journey of spiritual enlightenment, your intuition is a force that is always working to connect with you. It is always striving for you to listen. Are you listening?

Intuition comes from the Latin word root meaning “in to you”. Think about this. Intuition is your ability to literally reach in to others and assess and evaluate. It is your ability to sense things in your environment in a way that is vastly deeper than using sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste alone. There are four core means that your intuitive sense uses to talk to you:
• visually with your eyes, dreams and your third sight,
• audibly through things you hear from others, sounds around you or things you hear in your head,
• sensually with feelings that you experience
• and lastly with the inner knowing you hold in your heart.
Most people have one primary method of communication and many have the potential for all four. Are you listening?

Intuition has its own identity, but like your other individual senses, is designed to work in harmony with all of your senses. The only difference is the power of the experience you allow. You could look at a tree and simply be aware that it’s green. Or, you could look at a tree, see that it’s green… and hear the wind rustling the leaves… and smell the delicate flowers… and touch the smooth sensual bark… and taste the delicious berries… and feel the life force of this grand expression of the Divine. Which is more fulfilling?

By definition, intuition comes from a place of Love and is your ability to instantly know what is healthy and what is not. Have you ever gone into a store and immediately felt an unpleasant sensation? You don’t necessarily know why, but you feel sad, or your stomach gets tight or you suddenly feel the need to hurry through your errand. This is your intuition telling you, “This is not a healthy choice. Please change this situation.” On the other hand, have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt at peace? This is your intuition telling you, “This is a good and healthy situation. Please stay here for now. I want more of this!” These experiences are your intuition giving you information about your environment.

So how do you learn to trust your intuition? When the information you receive from your intuitive sense is coming from a place of Love, you know you can trust it. If it is mixed with fear based thoughts, then this is not pure intuition and is not coming from Love. Love and fear cannot exist side by side. The source of fear is the ego mind attempting to cloud your judgment. The source of intuition is God. Are you listening?

Do you have an intuitive sense? Of course you do! You are a child of God and the Angels! The question is, are you listening?

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Nina Roe is the founder of and is a master teacher and healer. She educates people to connect with their angels and use their intuition to discover love and truth. Nina is also a certified Indigo Family Coach and works with individuals and families to restore harmony, peace and healing. Visit, or to contact Nina for an appointment or healing in person or by phone, email or phone 508-208-1702.