Many people are beginning to practice the “secret” Law of Attraction. From corporate professionals to home care nurses, people in every profession are discovering that the Universal Laws can work for them. But what happens when it doesn’t work? Here are some reasons that the Law of Attraction might not be working for you and what you can do to resolve them.

The Law of Attraction – simply visualize for ten minutes per day, and you’ll have your heart’s desires, right? If it were really that simple, your kids would have more toys than you could fit in your house! There are several components to using the Law of Attraction successfully, and several reasons you might not be getting the success you’d like. Here’s where some of my clients get caught up.

Visualization is just one component of using the secret Law of Attraction successfully, and it’s important to do it in a certain way. When you visualize, it’s best to do it from a focused or meditative state. You really want to be clear about what you want, so you need to limit distractions. As you visualize your new house, make sure you put yourself in the picture, and this is vitally important – take note of how having that house would make you feel. Maybe you visualize yourself in your new living room, snuggling in your brand new overstuffed chair in front of the fire with a cup of soothing tea. Do you see how that creates a powerful feeling? Or maybe you visualize yourself in your crystal clear pool, playing ball with the kids, laughing and creating memories. This is a completely different feeling, but still very powerful.

So, you’ve got the visualization down. You’re ready for your dreams to manifest themselves, right? They might, but what if they don’t? What went wrong?

You may have some tangled energy around the thing that you desire. For instance, you visualize that beautiful new house, and you really feel it…but deep down, somewhere in your old belief system, you just don’t think that you’ll be able to afford a house that beautiful. And every time you visualize your beautiful new house, you feel a distant twinge of disbelief that works against the Law of Attraction, pushing that dream away.

Or, maybe you do believe on all levels that you can have this house, but it’s just not manifesting. You may be sending mixed messages through your visualizations. If one day the house is blue, and the next day it’s yellow, you’re not being consistent and clear, and what you will get may not really be what you want. Make sure that you decide what you want, then be clear on the details and stay consistent.

Are you missing opportunities? I’ve had clients who have had the answer staring them right in the face, and because they had a certain idea about “how” they should get that new car, they totally missed an opportunity. They decided that this car would come from a certain car dealer, and they imagined getting the keys and driving it off the lot. When one of their neighbors was left the same car in a will, with less than 10,000 miles, they put a for sale sign on the car. But that wasn’t the picture my client had in their mind, so they ignored that opportunity – which would have given them what they wanted, and at a much better price! Keep your eyes open – things may come to you in ways entirely different than you are expecting them to!

Faith. Faith is so important – keep believing…look for evidence that things are moving in the direction you want them to. Sometimes thoughts pop up in our minds that are from those old, limiting beliefs. You have to learn to push them aside. Replace them with thoughts that are consistent with what you want, with what you are using the Law of Attraction for. Realize that thoughts are just thoughts…they are not necessarily the truth. Recognize them as just being energy….and you can change that energy. Align all your energy with your visualizations and you will be attracting and manifesting quickly and powerfully.

Act. I’ve had people come to me about the Law of Attraction – saying they visualize every day – some of them for an hour! But they don’t get what they want. When I ask them what their action plan is to achieve their goal, they just look at me with a blank stare. Action is important! The Universe needs you to help bring about the situations and conditions that will allow it to fulfill your desires. If you sit at home and visualize meeting the man of your dreams…but you never leave the house, what opportunity are you giving the Universe to give you what you want? Take some steps – go shopping, go to the park, get out and meet some people. Don’t sit at home and expect your new love to drop down the chimney! Be open to inspired action – maybe you just feel like there’s something you should do…it may not even make sense to you at the time…you just get a sense that you need to take an action. That’s the Law of Attraction at work – guiding you into the perfect scenarios to make what you want become a reality.

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Tracey Burchard is a Life Coach, Hypnotist and Stress Management Consultant in the Orlando area. She has produced several visualization CDs and MP3s available for download from her products website at or you can listen to a recorded free coaching session on her website, “Making Affirmations Work for You,” at