I often get asked this question in my Law of Attraction coaching program: “What do I do if I am just going through the motions of my life? I have no passion, no plan, and no goals.” One of my coaching clients was going through this phase in her life. Her last daughter was leaving home and she felt lost and empty regarding what to do now and what to do next.

She has a very successful practice, and enjoys a loving, close relationship with her husband. She was entering the next phase of her life and was scared. Up until now, she had attracted everything that she had asked for in life. She knows the Law of Attraction principles and has used them to create a wonderfully happy and loving family life.

In one of our calls, I asked her how she was doing with her daughter leaving. She said, “I am doing relatively well. I am trying to move ahead but, you know, it’s hard. It’s not what I really want—having her leave—but what are you going to do?” This kind of thinking could start her spiraling down even further than where she was at the moment. When using the Law of Attraction, you are either winning or losing in life. This is the Law. The more she focused on it “being hard,” the more of that is what she would attract.

I mentioned that the next several weeks, months, and years are going to go by, whether or not she was conscious of using the Law of Attraction deliberately. The weeks, months, and years will go by, whether or not you learn to use the Law of Attraction around your thinking and beliefs deliberately and intentionally.

She had a choice in using the Law of Attraction. She could change the way she was thinking and what she believed about her daughter leaving, or she could stay stuck. She needed to do a reality check on her self-defeating thoughts and excuses. She was telling herself a story that included fear, excuses, and rationalizations, and it was sabotaging her enjoyment of life today and possibly in the future.

Once she wrote out a list of all of the things that weren’t working in her life with total honesty and candidness, she realized how many excuses she had made around this situation. Once we worked through this list and we created a new list of what she did want in the situation, she started to get more excited. What she was attracting before was not working for her. She now chose to change how she was behaving and thinking and began to happily move forward in her life and enjoy the thought of a bright and exciting new chapter.

Are you just going through the motions in your life? I want you to ask yourself whether the way you are living, behaving, and thinking has you using the Law of Attraction in the way that you want. Is it working for you or is it not working for you? I suggest that, if what you are choosing is not working for you when using the Law of Attraction and you find that you are just going through the motions of life, you may need a change.

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