Last month, I had a call with one of my Law of Attraction coaching clients. Eva’s business had taken a real turn. Her company had grown so much in the last two years that she now had well over 100 employees. Since the company had grown so fast using the Law of Attraction principles, Eva wanted all of her employees to embrace these principles as well. She wanted her employees to attract as much success as possible into their lives and relationships.

Eva started to notice that her employees were spinning out of control in trying to use the Law of Attraction. They were unaware that there was more to the Law of Attraction than just asking for money, cars, and homes. The kind of thoughts that her employees had about attracting possessions started to affect her day-to-day business.

Eva asked me what she could do to stop her employees from this kind of thinking. I told her that they needed to “get real.” When you are living in the real world and dealing with partners, family, and relationships, you need more than a fancy car or a fat bank account. The Law of Attraction movement is starting to dominate our culture, and it has very little to do with money and possessions and a lot to do with relationships, friends, and finding our perfect match in a partner. If we are largely unfocused and unclear about how we want to live in this world, fast cars and big houses will not fix the issues you face in your life.

We are sold on the “Law of Attraction” the same way that we are sold on everything else: Five Easy Steps to Unlimited Wealth; You Can Have a Mansion Using the Law of Attraction; Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Unlimited Wealth Fast, Fast, Fast. These titles are from emails that I have received regarding the Law of Attraction :)

This attitude is polluting the Law of Attraction and how it can be used to improve your life, relationships, and friends, and in attracting a partner. I say polluting because instead of stripping away our excuses and dealing with our real lives, this use of the Law of Attraction provides us with a whole new set of excuses. The result is more distraction from our real lives and even more problems.

I suggested to Eva that we do a Law of Attraction intervention with her employees. We would help them identify legitimate and real personal success in their lives, starting with their close relationships. We had them choose to actively participate in the game, experience amazing relationships, and give more than they get in those relationships. This is exactly what Eva did to attract those 100 employees. She had a clear Law of Attraction strategy for overcoming any problems, patterns, and obstacles in attracting and hiring ideal employees. To Eva, winning and being real meant having great relationships, both personally and professionally, and having a better life with the people that surrounded her.

Why would you do what Eva did for her life and then her employees? I have had the privilege, over the years, of designing winning Law of Attraction strategies for hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life and in every imaginable predicament. When they addressed their problems with their relationships, friends, and partners with a real world focus on results and not intentions… then the big money followed.

If you are going to be a winner using the Law of Attraction, you need to “get real” in your life and choose meaningful goals, whether they are to have a better family life, find a perfect match in a partner, or find inner peace and tranquility. Then, the money, cars, and homes will follow.

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