Let’s look at bringing everyone up to date as this time of the year when the energy and our own energy with ourselves starts to shift. If you think, you have been shifting and growing so far well let us really take a good look at what we are headed into. I am going to break it down into sections as this is so much that is being downloaded and channeled to me that it would make your head spin.

This past year we have seen a growth of awareness that is taking its toll on everyone. We are faced each day with the growing probabilities of our planet and how we look at one another. Can you honestly say you look at our world and all the diversity of cultures with love? We all believe that what we have, is the truth when we sit-down to look at one another. We are a growing world of controversy, sorry, but you must feel somewhere this truth, we do all believe in one source- it is in which belief that source is, which makes us different. Is it not a shame this truth is not shared as equal in our human world?

There are those who believe in the right to stand in their own truth and then there are those who would say, that truth is not real - as it is not my truth as I see it.

We are faced each day with what another says is the truth and how we need to live that truth, there are individuals in this world who do not have a say in their truths. These are the Children of God, who are here for us to learn by. These are the souls who you see so much of in you own local news, the woman, children and men how are beaten each day and are told what to believe. Ones who are stripped of dignity who only know, that God is with them and they cry out to be saved and healed. Do these same ones not have truth in their heart?
These Children of God are here for us to learn by. They are the ones who have signed up to be the ones that are here as an example for us to hear the “wake up call” I honor each of them. We all know there is energy at play each and every day of our lives. That energy constantly gives us these little “wake up calls” and sometimes as we go about our day-to-day life, we recognize this awareness as it pulls at us. It is trying to make us aware of what it is all about and how it effects us. Do we keep going about our own business of not hearing and feeling it, or do we take the time to listen? When is the last time you heard the “wake up call?”

We are at a moment of time were we can make the difference to all that is happening around us, it does not all need to be this way. You heard me say it before and I am guided to say it again. In everyday the energies around us is growing and shifting at an accelerated speed. We will either jump upon the energy and ride the top wave of it or we will just sit and the energy will hit us square in the face.

As we progress in our day-to-day life and do our work each day, we are then walking in the light of all. Now as we walk in the light of all, we will be reminded of the negative side to life and it will reach up to pull us back. Does this not apply globally to what is going on? Yes, it does. It does in such a way as it does with each of us.

We are doing our work growing spiritually in all we do, when out of nowhere ( it seems) we are hit by a negative- this of course can be with our health, in our communities, our friends and family situations, our thought about what we are really doing with all of our work in who we are and so on. To some of us, it does not smack us in the face, it is a gradual progress that we are not aware of at first and then we are so deep into all of it, we do not even know how we got there. It is slow and winding.

This is how the energy plays out across the world Globally, it has been a slow steady progress gaining, shifting powers until it has smacked us right in the face and we are left stunned by the whole thing. And I will say to these individuals “Where have you been?” The world as we know it has been shifting and there are those who have no clue as to what has been happening.

These times of energy we are living in right now is shifting faster now and there is no time for us to not be aware of the negative that is making its last stand. Did you hear what I said? “It is making its last stand” When this happens it is letting us know that we are gaining in our truths, we are reaching a point of incredible work in the light, that it is trying to beat us down so that we are not recognizing that which we are succeeding in everywhere. We have brothers and sisters who are fighting with each other over truths, we are having friends and families fighting with one another over truths. We have countries fighting over their truths. And we have our children seeing all of this and not understanding what truth really is. DO you not see what is at play here?

We have been doing so much work with the light and the light is working with us more energetically than before and it is our time to stand up as the negative is standing up to face us down. To stand up to apply all that we have learned and want in this world of ours. That light in which you work each day is there to stand behind you in all you do. Give time to honor it, breathe in your truths.

Look around you, is this the world that you want to live in? One that will constantly fight you at every turn? Or is there another world that you want, a place where there is love, truth and peace, one that allows you to feel and know all there is about being in truth with yourself and one another?

It is up to each of you to decide if you are ready to fight this negative and make all of it a positive in which we live and give to others. It is up to you to hear the truth emanating n your hearts. Find the time to sit and know yourself, find the time to stop and apply that which you have been learning and look at the truth of all of it. Then, stand up as the light in you shines out to give. As we all stand together, we will make the positive we all need to love one another.

I leave you my Love, Laugher & Light, Adele

Author's Bio: 

Adele Linsalata is an Internationally known Visionary Messenger, Metaphysical Teacher and gifted Clairvoyance Medium and Recording Artist offering Mediumship Development Classes and Workshops, Private and Group Readings, Guided Meditation CD’s, Channelings and more.