See the feather floating on the breeze? See the oak leaf as it twirls to the ground? See the smoke from your incense as it spirals upwards? See the dust motes dancing in the sunlight streaming through your window? See the snowflakes falling silently in joy? See the dandelion seeds gently ...See the feather floating on the breeze? See the oak leaf as it twirls to the ground? See the smoke from your incense as it spirals upwards? See the dust motes dancing in the sunlight streaming through your window? See the snowflakes falling silently in joy? See the dandelion seeds gently drifting on your child’s breath as she exhales in wonder? See the butterfly gliding by with beauty and grace? See the water softly falling in your backyard ponds? See the weeping willow caressing her lover, the wind? See the litter swept up in a sudden rush of spiral dance?

There is such joy in witnessing the Lightness of Being in the natural world! It is a joy that wells up from deep within. A reminder of who you are and what you have forgotten about your magnificence as a Being of Light. And what is Light anyway other than an absence of dark? When we look to nature and observe the multitude of teachings surrounding you in each moment, what we witness is really only one teaching. That of non-resistance, or to put it another way, the joy of Acceptance.

It is a curious phenomenon from our vantage point to view the magnitude of teachings given humbly and freely to you by the natural world of your planet earth in this regard – teachings of non-resistance to what is – and how unnoticed these teachings go despite the proportion of the natural world of planet earth to the proportion of human beings living on it. From our vantage point, it is quite clear that human life is so very insignificant in size compared to the size of the natural world. Contrary to what we know most humans believe, there will never be a time where your planet earth will collapse due to human overpopulation or human ignorance. It will not be so. For the intelligence of the natural Universe is all knowing. It is the All. It is the Source. It is the Oneness. It is the Unity of All That Is. The sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies, the planets and beyond. This is the natural Universe of which your planet earth is a part of and of which human beings inhabiting her are even a smaller part.

It is time, we feel, to relay this message clearly in order that you may give up any false sense of great importance to the role you think you play in saving your planet earth. How can it be so when in fact, what is true is that she is humbly, lovingly, respectfully, and with great reverence and dignity, attempting to save you?

We come forth at this time with a message of Truth. As it is with Truth, the message is one that is simple. Acceptance equals Joy. There is nothing more to know. Let the simplicity of this message sink deeply into your Being at the cellular level. Breathe it in. Drink it in. Infuse it into your every thought and feeling. Become it. Live it. Then go forth and Teach it by example. There is nothing else to know, for this Truth lies within you, and your blessed natural world on earth was gifted to you to assist you through joy and reverence and beauty to walk the Way of Acceptance. The more the humble teachings of your natural world are overlooked, the more lost you will become, and the more your mother earth will attempt to awaken you through her powerful force of love and grace. Think not that what you are naming as “natural disasters” is an angry Gaia lashing out in vengeful retaliation to your human egos. Nothing could be further from the Truth. The Intelligence of the Universe knows not of such darkness. All movement of energy to create or destruct is a powerful Light Infused Force of Love set forth in action to bring about balance and harmony, beginning and ending, birth and rebirth, life and death - to the Whole, which includes you dear humans. Which includes you.

Think not of your mother earth as angry for wrongs you have done to her. The wrongs you have done are to yourself through resistance! This she knows. It is this she continues to show you through her teachings of non-resistance. She is forever your benevolent teacher if you would only choose to notice.

You have but one thing to know and understand. Acceptance equals Joy. Which in turns equals Lightness of Being. Which in turn equals becoming a Being of Light. For what is the darkness that hides your Light? We tell you it is RESISTANCE TO WHAT IS. The human ego will always resist the path of least resistance! We say to you the path of least resistance is the path of God, Goddess, All There Is. The path of least resistance will lead you to yourself and to union with the wisdom of the Cosmos. We say again – walk out of your closed doors that separate you from one another and into your forests, into your parks, into your greenhouses. Walk out into your backyards and look up into your sky. Witness the stillness. Witness the peace. Witness the harmony. Witness the unity. Witness the beauty. Witness the cycles. Witness the freedom. Witness the power. Witness the intelligence. Witness the balance. Witness the dance.

And what do you come to notice as the energy that allows this creation to continue creating with such perfection? What do you think would be the energy that would allow you as human beings to live in peace, harmony, balance, joy, and unity with each other and all things? It is one and the same. Acceptance. We choose this word for it’s overall vibration. For within it lives all words connected to Truth. Unconditional Love. Tolerance. Harmony. Union. Peace. Respect. Joy. Balance. Wisdom. Flow. Power. Trust. Tenderness. Allowance. Openness. Creation. Integrity. Honour. Surrender. The vibration of Acceptance allows the fullness of God’s wisdom to flow through you and the Cosmos.

Acceptance announces to the Cosmos that you understand the intelligent order of Source Energy and that you are willing to surrender your personal agendas, programming, will, or ego and be humbly led by this infinite intelligence along the path of least resistance. Acceptance surrenders you to trust and dependence on only one thing. God. This is the wisdom of all that is Infinite. This is what you now have the capacity to comprehend. This is what Divine Intelligence is leading you to. Home. To Your Infinite Self. To the God Within. To Acceptance of What Is.

If in your earthly gardens you plant a seed of corn, a cucumber does not grow. It cannot be so. Divine Intelligence is within the seed of corn and sees to it that it becomes all that it is set forth to be. The corn has no resistance to becoming what it is. External forces can put resistance upon it as in lack of heat, light or water, but if basic conditions are set forth rightly, the corn seed will become corn. How ridiculous to think your process of growth would be different!

You are an Infinite Being of Light. You were planted on earth. Divine Intelligence is within you and will see to it that you become all that you are set forth to be if you would simply accept this Law and allow it to be so. It is only your resistance to this truth, and resistance to any past conditions that were not set for rightly for you, that will dim your Light and cause you to lose your way. But even your resistance cannot undo what is so, for always your light will be within you awaiting it’s freedom to expand fully within and around you, awaiting the moment it can know wholeness once again by joining with it’s Universal Family of Light. Be not the jailer of your joy and freedom. Accept the truth of who you are. For until you do, not one can be free. In freeing yourself, you free your brother. Herein lies the Lightness of Being a Being of Light.

Heather Fraser copyright 2008

Author's Bio: 

Heather Fraser is a writer in Ontario, Canada who has come to understand the meaning of her life as an expression of the sacred and the soul of everyday living. For more information you can visit her website at