Before any further mention of the Magic of Making Up Reviews, let us talk about what caused the break up. You have to face the problem head on before even attempting to contact your ex to get back together again. Without getting into the blame game, it is important for you to deal with what part you played in the break up and how you can improve yourself.

Was there enough communication?

Did both of you talk about your future goals and what that would mean to the relationship. Sometimes, each individual goals may not work well together and may cause you to both drift apart without realizing it until it is too late. So you need to talk about these things and don’t take things for granted.

Were you inaccessible?

Did you spend more time with your friends? Relationships need nurturing and both men and women need attention. You have to both set apart time for each other and I am talking about quality time spent. It can be 20 minutes of quality time, but at least you would have felt good about the time you spent together. Set weekly dates. This can be at home, at a hotel, at a restaurant or movie, but it gives you time to cuddle next to each other and remind yourself what is most important.

Did you both argue about dumb stuff?

I am sure the answer is yes because most relationships suffer from that “dumb phase.” It is however, a relationship killer over time. The more you do that, the more it is going to seem to each of you that you are not compatible when that may not be the case. The problem again is communication. When you learn how to communicate with each other, you will be able to talk things over without malice and understand that you can agree to disagree. You don’t have to always agree and it is not a matter of who is right. It is just a difference of opinion. Taking that attitude will solve a lot of your squabbles.

Were you supportive enough?

There is going to be times in the relationship that one person might want to move forward with a goal or plan. You have to be supportive to that person knowing that a time may come that you will need support as well. If someone finds that there is no support from you, then they are going to seek out someone else that will give them that support. If you have your own agenda in the relationship, it will eventually show.

What do you do now that the break up is official?

Now that you have broken up and gone over this self evaluation above and come to a honest opinion of the part you played in the break up, you are either ready to move on or get back together. If you want to get back together, you are going to want to give it about 30 days because you don’t want to seem too desperate. When you do contact your ex, you want him or her to see that you have been very thoughtful about the break up and willing to make changes that will make it work.

Don’t call or do any text messaging at first. Write a short letter, letting your ex know how much you took them for granted and that you have thought long and hard about it and realized that there are things that you personally need to change and if they are willing to talk, you are also open to it. Let your ex know that you are grateful to them and would like to personally thank them. This is going to spark curiosity and you will get a call back so make sure you include your phone number in the letter even if they already have it.

Be prepared to set a date and time to meet during the day, possible at a park or bowling alley where you can really concentrate and be attentive to each other.

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