If we can manifest our own reality, why is it that you seem to have a problem getting started? Aside from the largest issue being that you think that someone else, a “higher authority” has told you that it cannot be done and that it is a foolish notion, why can’t you just give it a try. Of course, that is Catch-22 number one. You only want a test drive and you are fully aware that there are many things to try.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that you are going to be sincere in your effort. You have heard a lot about the Law of Attraction and you actually believe that it can be done and are convinced that others have been successful. You decide that the most pressing issue, at the moment, in your life is the lack of financial resources so that will be your first goal, to manifest some money. Catch-22! The catch is that you tell the Universe you lack financial resources so “lack” is your message.

You put all of your bills into a stack and figure out how much money you need. Catch-22! You are telling the Universe that you are needy. You then come up with a firm amount-could be a Catch-22-you are saying that is all you need. You then tell the Universe that you want to win the lottery to pay off you bills. Catch-22! Maybe the Universe has a better way to pay the bills that does not include the lottery. You buy some tickets and get angry that you do not win. Catch-22! Your anger gives power to you idea of financial deficiency.

Time for a different approach? You look at you bank statement and get concerned that you do not have enough money. Obvious Catch-22! You then decide that you are going to visualize your bank account with a certain sum. That’s okay in a way but you have in the back of your mind that your account needs more money. Catch-22! You sit back waiting for your checking account to grow. Catch-22! You are not taking any action. When it doesn’t, you get depressed, Catch-22, and you decide that the Law of Attraction is a bunch of bull. The Big Catch-22!

For those of you who are not familiar with Catch-22 it the title of a book by Joseph Heller. The notion is something like this. If you want to move to the U.S. you have to have a job. To have a job in the U.S. you must live here. That is the concept of Catch-22.

I offer the following from Dan Stone on The Shower Channel, “It can be a very difficult thing for you to hear and accept that you never really improve any situation by focusing on what’s going wrong. You never really solve a problem by focusing on the problem. You never get yourself to a place that feels better by focusing on what feels bad (but don’t tell the psychologists that).
A more precise and important way of putting it is that you cannot move forward in the direction of your dreams and desires when you are focused on the fear or the worry of failure. You cannot move in the direction of what you want when you are insisting upon staring at what is, where you are.
In fact we would encourage you to never pay attention to what is unless it is delightful to do so. Never give your attention to “what’s real” or “what’s true” unless that reality or that truth feels joyful or hopeful or comforting or reassuring or encouraging . . . For as long as you are giving your attention to anything that distresses or concerns or confuses or frustrates or scares you . . . then you are holding yourself in a place where the joy or the fulfillment or the love or the appreciation or the satisfaction cannot flow freely to you. You are stuck in a place that feels bad and you are stuck there for no reason other than that being what you are choosing to focus on.”

I hope that you can see the Catch-22 in all of this. The moment you try to solve a problem you are sending out mixed messages. You are affirming you have the problem. You are focusing attention on the problem and giving it energy. You are keeping it alive because where your thoughts and emotions go, so does the Law of Attraction. We are told to “take no thought…the fields are already white with harvest and if you have, more will be give.” The point is that when you give energy to a problem, you get more of the problem. What you give thought to is what the Universe will focus on. If you say you do not have, then you do not see the harvest in your life. If you focus on getting, the Universe responds by giving you getting. But, if you focus upon having, the Universe gives you more of what you have. Where your emotions go, the Universe goes also.

These are just some of the Catch-22’s. You must be ever vigilant about your thoughts and emotions. If your desire is money, tell the Universe you really like money and that you are thankful for the money in your life. Do not look down upon the lowly penny but rather give thanks for every penny you have or find. Gives thanks for every bill that you pay and be joyous that you are able to spread the wealth and share with others, even if they are the bill collectors. Focus upon the “have” and not the have not. Remember, every word that follows “I” is very powerful and sends a message to the Universe. Avoid using I want, I need, I don’t, I should, I wish, I need, etc.

I do not mean to focus upon money but it is such an easy example to use. The same applies to every aspect of life and all of your emotions. Do not hold yourself in place by focusing upon your current situation. Walk, talk, think and plan with an attitude of already having. When you change your mindset, things will begin to change and the Catch-22s will begin to fade from your life.

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Mr. Harris was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in Maine. He received his degree in Political Science from The American University in Washington, D.C. and has worked at every level of government. He is currently employed in special education.

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