White roses have come to symbolize innocence, purity, and secrecy because of its clean, pristine appearance. Many myths and legends from different cultures talk about the origins of the first colored rose. Some say that the colors came from an immaculate white flower that was miraculously transformed by a goddess into various shades of pink and red. Often, the white flower is depicted as being made to blush from a kiss of a goddess. These recurring stories further reinforce the white rose’s status as a symbol for purity.

The white rose is also known as the bridal flower and is traditionally used as part of the bridal bouquets or as decorations around the altar. In weddings, they represent virtue, unity, and the pureness of the bond of love. White roses also symbolize young love, which makes them even more appropriate for marriage. Besides weddings, white roses are popularly used during funerals due to their association with reverence, honor, and heavenliness. The white roses in funeral arrangements are a tribute to a departed loved one, a symbol of remembrance, and an expression of spiritual love.

Although most of the long-established meanings behind white roses are still used today, there are other definitions. For instance, white rosebuds used to be a traditional symbol for girlhood and signified that a girl is too young to receive suitors, and to experience romantic love. Not many people know this meaning, but it is still a part of the language of flowers. Early societies also used white roses as the symbol for true love - a meaning that the red rose would later take on.

Today, white roses continue to keep their meaning as the hallmark of innocence and they are also used to express a number of different emotions for different people. They can either symbolize a new beginning or can mean farewell. They convey sentiments of friendship, love, respect, and hope. Underlying this multitude of meanings is the impression of purity and innocence, which is what white flowers are commonly associated with. A bouquet of white roses is not only stunning; the very nature of its simple beauty gives it a complex but clear meaning. Be it almost pure white or a subtle shade of ivory, send your beloved the gift of white roses to let her know that you recognize the purity of her love and beauty.

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