When you receive the Seal you will know a relationship close with God by immedia, without needing any mediation. However you will avoid the false promise of the kind of cursed immedia that caused the Fall of Adam and Eve.

God created the world and the universe around it in seven days. On the fifth day He created Adam the first man. He soon created Eve to be the companion of Adam.

God shaped Adam out of the earth and breathed spiritual Life into him. This is how He will set His Seal upon you--He will shape the Seal out of the earth, for the Seal is the little place in the earth where a single wheat Seed is sown.

That single wheat Seed is Jesus who will grow up in your garden and bear Fruit. When Jesus bears Fruit in your soul you will then sow and grow the message and believers in it too.

This little garden of your soul will be blessed like the Garden of Eden before the Fall of Adam and Eve. But the serpent tempted Eve by asking her why she could not eat of all the fruits in the Garden.

She told him of the Forbidden Fruit--of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil--which she could not eat or even touch. The fruit was in the middle of the garden and was media rather than the true blessed immedia of God.

The immedia gets you to God without any mediation. And the most powerful true blessed immedia you will ever have the opportunity to use is the Seal itself which brings you to God without needing a mediator.

You will need neither prophet nor priest but you will be able to communicate directly with God Himself. You will pray often to God your Father and He will respond often in what you think and feel and say.

Of course though you will not need mediation you still will cherish the message of the sealed person. And you will be accountable to other blessed and chosen believers in God.

But you will not depend on anyone else to come between you and God and help you to relate. You will relate to God and He will relate to you. You will present Him with your thoughts and feelings and He will present you with His.

You might argue that the Seal is thus media that gets you closer to God. But the Seal is not media--it is God's show of approval. When He approves of you He writes His Name upon you.

And when He writes His Name upon you, you belong to Him. And when you belong to Him He will attend to you. You will not need any media or any mediator because God will patiently and persistently seek you out.

But when Eve described the Forbidden Fruit as the media in the middle of the Garden of Eden, she described it as it truly was: a media or mediation meant to give the Knowledge of God from between a person and God.

Adam and Eve fell because they chose this mediation instead of trusting God Himself directly. And that was what Satan tempted them with, something that seemed to be an easy way to the power of the gods but that was truly a curse.

When you are sealed God will know you and you will know God with immedia. You will have no media or mediator between you and God, just the encouragement of other sealed people when you receive the Seal.

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