There is an awakening of consciousness occurring within humanity. You are part of a small but rapidly growing segment of the population that is awakening. You are amongst the first to develop that inner knowing and who recognize the shift in consciousness that is occurring in the world. Spirit is guiding you to read this. You have been called: to awaken from the dream and remember who you are and why you were born in order to fulfill the purpose of your existence. Those that are drawn to read this message are the ones ready to enlighten.

Go within and become fully conscious of what this means. How does it feel? Does it resonate as being true for you? Go into that feeling, go to its source; follow it to the very core of your being. Read again the first paragraph slowly and if any of it does not feel right or you are not sure, go within and feel that out too. There is a purpose to your existence that is bigger than all the things your mind thinks you need or want. There is a bigger play that you are a part of that your own mind may not even be aware of. This is your moment of realization. This message also serves as an acknowledgement and confirmation of that which you are. That which was, is, and will be regardless of your form, name, time or place.

One of the last tests those who have already awakened come to is the illusion of already being enlightened. A sense of “I” that identifies with having attained something, knows something, or be something. If there is anything to prove, that’s a red flag. If there is superiority, exclusivity, or making other groups or ideas “wrong” that’s a red flag too. Thinking you know, or don’t know, is still thinking. Your spirit is already free. Come with me to a place where you are so filled with God’s grace, Shakti, love, that it permeates every cell of your body. Merge with me into the pervasive spirit until all resistances wane and your heart may feel the living presence of God within you so strong that tears drip down your cheeks with joy.

The Kingdom of Heaven lies within. It’s a state of consciousness where you realize the living presence of God, by any name, within you and around you, everywhere, all the time, every day. The message is to stop ignoring and denying the Divine presence in your life, come back into the garden; you have only to open your heart to receive. Each breath you take is given to you through grace, just be aware of it. The more you look the more you will see. God never left. Most of humanity is still asleep, unaware of the bliss that awaits them. Are you experiencing that bliss? Would you like to? I would love to share this with you. When we all feel this we will create a loving and peaceful world. But first we need you.

From the heart, Steven S. Sadleir

Author's Bio: 

Steven S. Sadleir is the Director of the Self Awareness Institute and is recognized as a Shaktipat Master in two lineages. He has developed powerful distance learning programs for people of all cultures and faiths, trained thousands of people from all over the world, and welcomes all of you who are ready for full Self-Realization.

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