There is a 27-year-old girl that doctors have diagnosed as mildly retarded, who happens to be my niece. She is so very sweet and trusting of everyone she meets. She can hold a good conversation and you can also send her to the store to buy anything as long as it is no more than two items or a list that she can give to someone.

She was given one of those toys that parents purchase for their 3-year-olds to learn the alphabets. This toy talks back to you. Whatever letter you put in the slots to spell a word, the toy was made to spell the word as well as call out the letters in the word to tell you what the word really is.

In less that two weeks, this 27-year-old mildly retarded young woman was able to master the capabilities of this toy and spell words that she was not able to spell before. This experiment proves how powerful the mind is when it is nurtured. Had she not being able to utilize this toy to her advantage, the new words she learned would have evaded her mind and gone to waste. In our own normal minds, we also fail to nurture the inner recesses of such a powerful attribute that can enlighten and liberate us.

Our mind is attracted to the laws of the universe when it is in an active state. If our mind remains in a dormant state, we become powerless to change our circumstances and have no effect on our community or people. The mind when used effectively to promote growth will attract more of what it needs to create prosperity and self-improvement.

The notion of one mind does not equate to self only. If we improve our minds, then we will consequently make an impact on other minds and thus contribute to a world of change in the universe that we live in. Each individual mind when activated creates many different things that are allocated to the whole.

What does this 27 year old woman have to give back to society when she has been discarded by some diagnosis that is destined to paralyze her mind if someone does not take action on her behalf? She absolutely brings joy to those she loves and laughter to her when she spells the word, “dog” and finds out that she is right. If a 27-year-old can use her mind to learn how to spell a difficult word for her and a word that we take for granted, then why aren’t we using our minds to possibly find a way to help this mildly retarded woman to explore greater challenges?

This has become a personal question and the fact that we have a normal mind gives us no excuses, but to take action now to do something to change the world around us. There are many 27 years old men and women like that all around us who need our help. Don’t let your mind go to waste.

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