MIND is the Architect of our Fate. It can make us Sick or it can cure us.

Nature is evenly balanced. If Man is cruel performs wicked acts and does not live in conformity with the Natural cosmic laws, he pollutes the whole atmosphere with his unwholesome deeds. Effort is needed for a person to return good in the face of unfavorable conditions. With the positive Mental Vibrations Man influences around him as well as creates an environment conductive to peace and happiness.

Think of MIND as a tool. It can be constructive if used well, or destructive if used badly. The MIND is somewhat like Electricity. The electric current can kill a person who grasps a live wire just as readily as it will flood his home with light. Similarly a person performs evil deeds and ignores the law of the MIND is only invite suffering.

The cause of suffering is nothing but selfish desire, friction between Elements and Energies and changes. It may not be too difficult to do good; it is more difficult to be good. But, to maintain a good mental attitude and to do some service to others in the face of accusations, criticism and obstructions is most difficult of all.

The Word “MAN” is presumably desired from the Sanskrit Word, ‘MANAS’ Meaning MIND. The Human race is made up of not only BODY, but also MIND. Equipped with a MIND, Man must be capable of thinking since this is the specific function of the MIND.

Happiness is a mental state which can be attained through the culture of the MIND. The MIND which is controlled and cultured is the real source of Happiness. Everyone can cultivate inner peace and tranquility through the purification of the MIND.

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Mr. G.V.S. Kumar is an internationally acclaimed Celebrity
NUMEROLOGIST & ASTROLOGER, from Hyderabad, A.P. India.
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