It’s official. The Donald tells Carrie Prejean, “You’re fired!” for not fulfilling her duties as Miss California 20009 and now Tami Farrell is the new reigning queen.

Not having been a beauty queen myself I have no idea what’s required of a job like this but for Carrie Prejean the requirements were more than she could handle…and her feng shui didn’t help her either.

This year the feng shui Flying Star on Carrie’s Success direction is the Conflict Star. This means that people at work are going to give her flack even if she’s doing everything right. And this month the Relationship Star combines with the Conflict Star on her Success direction meaning more arguments with the people around you.

Carrie also has the Star of New Beginnings on her Relationship direction which is good because it means new people will come into your life: new friends, new colleagues, new clients, etc. But this month the New Beginning Star is plagued by the Illness Star that sits on her Relationship direction. This combination creates quarrelling and disagreement.

So if it’s true she wasn’t fulfilling her contract this is the month that it would all come to a head and blow up on her.

As for Tami, she has the Windfall Star on her Success direction this year. Although this is a great Star this month the Robbery Star sits in combination with the Windfall making it look like she ‘stole’ her Success rather than earned it. That means people may not look at her as deserving the title of Miss California 2009.

All of this will pay off for her though if she makes an extra effort to communicate with her fans and the public.

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Chriss Barr is a Feng Shui & Dowsing Expert as well as author of '4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Up Your Wallet'