Trying to find the most effective weight loss diets can be quite a chore. The research can be a bit overwhelming and often confusing. The majority of popular weight loss diet programs and systems all seem to guarantee results.

But, have you ever noticed the disclaimers, 'results not typical'? Obviously, if you are looking to lose weight and the advertisement shows people that have lost a substantial amount of weight, that is the program you want to buy into.

Throughout this article, you will gain the knowledge to determine the results you want as well as the program that is going to best fit into your daily routine and lifestyle. Do not allow yourself to be mislead into thinking you will be able to get a thin and trim look without having to work on it.

Looking good takes work. You will have to modify your eating habits, exercise on a regular basis and be determined to maintain this lifestyle after you have achieved your desired weight.

Some of the most popular weight loss diets are those that cost you money to join or to get assistance in losing the weight. In my opinion, even though these seem to reveal results are a scam. It makes little sense to me why a person would spend their hard earned money to lose weight with help, yet they didn't have any help gaining the weight.

If you know how you began to gain the weight you should be able to lose the weight again with only a few modifications. For example, some of the popular no carb diets seem to work very well. However, on the other hand, in a regular well balanced diet you need to have carbohydrates.

Carbs give us energy, so I feel eliminating carbs completely from your diet will cause you to have less energy, which should cause you to have more fat produced and stored as a result. This is of course, over a longer period of time. Not just a week.

Now let's discuss the calorie counting or points diets. These also seem to reveal wonderful results...but, in all honesty who really wants to do this? I do feel it is important that a person is aware of what they are eating as well as the amounts they are eating. As far as calorie counting, I personally do not have the time, or the drive to do this.

Here is what I think the most effective weight loss diets should be.

1. Don't count calories. Instead write down every single thing you eat and drink for one week before you begin a new diet. This way you can see exactly what your eating habits are.

2. Make a commitment to yourself, in writing. Write down what your desired realistic goal weight is, when you want to be at this weight and how you plan to do it.

3. Plan on rewarding yourself once you achieve your goal. This can be by setting aside money every week to go on a shopping spree when you will be in need of new clothes to going on a cruise (write this down as well).

4. Change your eating habits. Include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet every day. When you want a snack reach for something like celery sticks with some peanut butter.

5. Only buy foods that are low in fat and low in carbs. You don't have to go off the deep end with this. Some foods just do not taste the same if they are 'diet' oriented. Don't stress out over the weight loss.

6.Get your blood pumping. Go swimming, walking or even to the park and run around with your kids or dog. Basically, exercise but make it fun, not work. This will help you to continue to be motivated longer.

As long as you are fully committed to yourself and your new lifestyle there is no reason you can not lose the weight without the assistance of one of the many popular most effective weight loss diets that are constantly being advertised on television, the internet and the radio.

No matter how much money you spend on the big name diet programs, none of them can guarantee you will stick with them or even reach your goal weight. So, why spend the money on something you can do yourself.

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