Let’s face it; most of your resolutions belong under the 3 major categories of improving your Health, Relationships or Finances. For example, some of you have resolved to improve your health through diet and exercise. Still others intend to improve your relationships or begin a new one. Becoming debt-free or earning more are also very popular New Year’s resolutions every year. Let’s face it… everything that’s important in your life falls in the categories of Health, Relationships or Financial issues, which are the same categories that are directly affected by the existing Feng Shui influences in your home and office.

Classical Feng Shui is an environmental science based on time and space with repeatable energy patterns that have predictable consequences. Your beliefs have nothing to do with how Classical Feng Shui's elemental remedies will improve your finances, health and/or relationships. The Chinese sciences of Feng Shui and Acupuncture have improved lives for more than 5,000 years. Both of these sciences were developed using the Yi Jing (old spelling I Ching), which teaches us that the Universe is cyclical by nature and it’s in a constant state of change. The majority of popular Feng Shui books disregard the cyclical nature of the universal energies, even though these energy cycles explain why your circumstances vary from year to year within the same home… with the same occupants and the same décor.

For the majority of my clients, ordering their Annual Update to keep their Feng Shui remedies current is their most important New Year’s resolution, because they want to avoid any negative circumstances caused by the Annual Feng Shui energy shift. In fact, the spouses who were originally Feng Shui skeptics… are usually the ones who make sure to order their Annual Feng Shui Updates every year. Once they receive their update by mail, they call me with any questions to clarify how they’ll make the necessary changes to their elemental remedies. For instance, one year Fire Colors in an area may be enhancing a good energy pattern and the next year they may replace them with a different element to avoid triggering problems, from lawsuits to major illnesses. That’s why it’s important to implement all Classical Feng Shui elemental remedies as beautiful accessories that are easily transferred from room to room as required.

The Chinese SOLAR calendar is used for Feng Shui, which is not the same as the more celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year. I know it’s a bit confusing that the Chinese have separate calendars to track the cycles of the Sun and Moon, but it’s been that way for centuries. The Chinese SOLAR Year begins on the precise halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, which falls on the 4th or 5th of February each year. The Universal Feng Shui Energy shift that occurs on the Chinese SOLAR New Year… affects each building differently depending on the building's unique energy patterns. Some years circumstances improve because the Annual Energy that visits your entrances, bedrooms and/or offices acts as a natural remedy for the permanent energy pattern present in that area. Unfortunately, there are years when the visiting Annual Energy contributes to disasters by acting as a trigger for an already negative energy pattern or by creating a sabotaging energy pattern.

Red or Black DOORS should be AVOIDED because of the cyclical nature of the Annual Feng Shui energies. When the 2 worst Annual energies visit your door, which would be 2 out of every 9 years… and your door is painted a fire (red/purple) or water (blue/black) color, it triggers various problems such as arguments, lawsuits, separation/divorce, accidents, delays, pain and/or illness. For instance, if your entrance requires water or fire colors in some years… it’s better to use an area rug or other decorations, because moving objects takes less effort than repainting your door when one of the sabotaging energies visits the area where your entrance is located.

Annual Locks are another possible Classical Feng Shui road block to fulfilling your other New Year’s resolutions, since all buildings experience various Locked Periods from time to time. Locks happen when the Annual energy shift brings certain energies together. A ‘People Lock’ causes overall problems with Health and Relationships, while a ‘Money Lock’ is disastrous for your Finances and Career. A client called me in April a few years back to report… her family had experienced great financial losses since the beginning of February. She asked if it was too late to order her Annual Feng Shui Update. I advised my client that although it’s better to adjust your remedies as close to the Chinese Solar New Year on February 4th… It’s never too late to add the remedy to release a Money or People Lock be it an Annual or 20 year Construction Cycle Lock.

When you’re ready to begin managing your home and/or office’s Feng Shui influences... in addition to verifying the credentials and references of the Feng Shui consultant you decide to hire please be sure they offer Annual Updates at a fraction of the cost of an initial on-site consultation. That way you’ll be certain they’re utilizing the scientific methods of Classical Feng Shui and aren’t merely working with folk-beliefs or the popular one-size-fits-all books. Also, inquire whether you’ll receive a written report that includes ALL of your unique 15° “Personal Directions,” which barely 5% of Feng Shui consultants are able to derive from your date of birth and gender. Finally, it’s important that you feel comfortable communicating with the consultant you choose to have analyze your home and/or office. Remember, the existing Feng Shui influences in and around your current home and office are already affecting and will continue to affect your Health, Relationships & Finances while you occupy the space.

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P.K. Odle is a widely recognized Classical Feng Shui consultant, speaker, author, publisher and internationally respected instructor for The American Feng Shui Institute. Her consulting firm, The Feng Shui Advantage was founded in 1997 and specializes in working with Solo-preneurs… from chiropractors to info-preneurs, restaurateurs to retailers, artists to attorneys, designers to architects, from start-up to existing businesses.

P.K.’s revolutionary ‘Lifetime Keys Personal Directions Self-Mastery Toolbox’ is the only step-by-step system that teaches you how to locate and manage your precise 15° Personal Directions. You’ll learn which magnetic directions support your efforts and which sabotage them… including your Prosperous vs. Consuming, Analytical vs. Creative, Romance vs. Lonely Pillow & Valued Friends (aka Referral Partners) directions… anywhere on Earth for your entire lifetime.

Through the years, P.K. has been featured in national magazine and local newspapers, along with appearing on radio and television programs across the country. P.K.’s primary goal is educating people on the science and benefits of Classical Feng Shui; therefore she publishes her award winning email newsletter, The Feng Shui Advantage Monthly. Visit www.FengShuiAdvantageMonthly.net to subscribe and receive 16 weeks of free Classical Feng Shui TIPS via email as a bonus.

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