There's no denying that this inspirational book has had a profound influence on my personal development growth. It really is at the core of my success in making the positive shifts in my thinking and in achieving happiness.

The book is called, A Happy Pocket Full Of Money and it's written by David Cameron Gikandi.

The actual subtitle of the book is: "Your Quantum Leap Into The Understanding, Having And Enjoying Of Immense Wealth And Happiness."

It explains the very real relationship between science and spirituality in the most uncomplicated way. It's the kind of inspirational book about why we are here that you always wish existed but thought it never did.

I believe that these teachings have been out there in one form or another since humanity began, many of which are referenced in the book, but you don't really find them until you are seeking them.

Of course when you first start reading, this kind of profound information can be hard to process right away. That's why the author cautions readers to just read it through one time even if some of it doesn't make sense. Just keep going because further chapters will make clear some things that you may not have understood in earlier chapters.

That was definitely my experience. There were plenty of "a-ha" and light bulb moments throughout.

With some of the chapters, I would read them and my head would unconsciously be nodding in agreement and I'd catch a small smile coming over my face. It was coming from a "knowing" deep inside that this was actually The Truth about life. What made it so easy to hear and read was his style of communicating.

His words are such a gift. It was like reading the words of a good friend or family member spoken with love, encouragement and most of all Truth.

Here's a list of the subjects covered in the book:

* Money: An Illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else
* Quantum Physics: Knowing What You And The World Are Made Of
* Truth About Time: It Does Not Exist Except As You Say It Does
* Images Of The Mind: The Blueprints Of Life
* Thinking And Speaking: The Instructions Of and For Life
* Goals: The Road Map To And In Wealth
* Being: First Cause, The Beginning
* Acting: That Which Receives
* Certainty: The Most Powerful Force And Antidote To Failure
* Cause And Effect: The Most Prime Law Of The Universe
* Conditions: They Are Fantastic Illusions
* Success: You Can Never Fail
* Want Not: Desire, But Never Ever Want
* Purpose: Why You Are Here
* Giving: It's What It's All About
* Gratitude: Seals The Deal
* Consciousness: You Experience What You Are Awake To
* The Self: The Architect Of The Universe
* One: All That Is
* Abundance: You Have It All
* Happiness: Life Is Joy And Joy Is Life
* Money: How To Use The Symbol

I guarantee that you'll want to re-read it instantly with the new awareness that you'll have.

For me, I love audio books. I play them in my car, or I upload them to my iPod and take them everywhere. So, after I read the book, I bought the audio recording.

It was a different experience listening to it rather than reading it but it really enhanced my understanding. My only complaint is about person they hired to do the recording. He's pretty monotone and not a great speaker. His delivery just wasn't my favorite.

The author, David Cameron Gikandi, is from Kenya and has a beautiful accent and positivity in his voice and I would have preferred to hear him reading.

Anyway, it surely doesn't take away from the gifts that this book brings to your personal development growth.

He also wrote a companion book called The Everyday 12 Point Lifesaver.

This book was designed as a daily read/listen to reinforce the key principles of A Happy Pocket Full Of Money. Contrary to the other recording, this narration is done wonderfully by Bob Doyle, founder of Wealth Beyond Reason.

Repetition is just SO incredibly important when you are trying to instill new ideas and ways of living...I can't stress that enough.

This recording does a great job of crystalizing that knowledge and makes it easy for listeners to hear it every day and it's only one hour long.

Reading A Happy Pocket Full Of Money lifted me up to a place I never dreamed I could be but was so grateful to have found. I felt certainty, hope, and ultimate peace. It instantly changed me from the inside out.

I felt like this book just guided me through step by step on how to live life talking about the importance of goals, gratitude, giving, and SO much more. It explains how and why the world works as it does and backs it with science and spirituality.

It's the kind of inspirational book where once you read it your life is forever changed.

There's no chance you can go back to where you were before and you will have no choice but to move forward, but now with an inner peace and faith that will stay with you always.

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