Tantric Orgasm, tantra, tantric sexuality all conjur up images of the weird and wonderful, elastic limbed lovers, non-stop indulgence. Fortunately this is a misunderstanding of the Tantric Orgasm and Tantra as a whole.

Tantra refers to'expansion' of the conscienceness, and tantric sexuality and tantric sensuality refers to rituals, massage and practices which focus the mind, heighten the senses, deepen intimacy, increases pleasure, stregthens the intensity of orgasm, boost multi-orgasmic potential, and promotes mind shattering bliss. Sexual energy is awakened and channeled throughout the body.

The tantric orgasm is a subset of this powerful experience, a mini-supernova which forms the foundations for this divine experience.

Ok now how to get some of that divine juice?

To discover and explore tantra with a lover and attain the tantric orgasm, be prepared for some new learning!

Through slow sensual touching you will learn to calm, relax and focus the mind and body, sharpen sensuality. As well as tantric touch and tantric massage, other tools such as healing practices, visualisations, you fill further learn how to heal the mind,body and soul, deeepen intimacy with self and lover, breathing exercies you will learn to merge with your lover, delay orgasm and bring yourself to an earth shattering tantric orgasm i.e. a physical, emotional and spritual explotion of energy!

To get to that Tantric Orgasm:

1. Prepare your environment. Make sure your bedroom (or any room, or even the good ol out doors!) is clean, comfortable and inviting. Get your towels, sheets, and oils ready.

2. Start tantric sensuality session by focusing and co-ordinating with the lover, and gaze into their eyes for a few minutes.

3. Use sensual massage techniques to relax and stimulate the body, always massage towards the heart. If the pleasure sensations become too intense, encourage your lover to breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes.

4. Bring your lover close to climax, but stop stop short so that the state of arousal and pleasure is maintained for a period of time. Do this a number of times.

If orgasm does occur that's fine, but remember there is no goal in tantra, apart from the release and flow of sexual energy.

5. Move onto sex or simply end your tantric session there and enjoy the bliss and pleasure.

6. Close your tantric orgasm session with a healing practice. Place one hand gently over the heart area and visualise warm pink heart energy in your heart moving down into your heart into your lover's heart. Do this for about 10-20 minutes.

Now bask in the sexual and emotional energies that you have cultivated for an amazing tantric orgasm.

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