Is your business struggling?

Are you looking for a way to ramp up sales and keep your business growing, even in this economy?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and business owners, you know that a website should be part of your marketing strategy. And you also are smart enough to know that most websites don’t work.

Most websites are like boats: holes people pour money into. I should know; I pour money into my boat on a regular basis…but I don’t mind because I don’t expect to make a profit from my boat.

My website is different. The purpose of my website is to maximize revenue, not swallow up cash.

Are you pouring time and money into the hole that is your website?

Do you want to know how to use your website to maximize your revenue?

The Secret To Making Money In This Economy
Want to know the secret to making money with your website?

Simply having a website isn’t going to help you make more money. And if you think all you need is more traffic, you’re wrong (although that can help)…lots of visitors doesn’t equal lots of money.

So what’s the secret to making money with your website? The secret is having a system that converts prospects into profits.

Ready to discover how easy it is to convert more prospects in profits?

The #1 way to make money online is to use a simple set of steps to convert website visitors — your prospects — into profits. That’s the simple strategy we’ve used with incredible success here at Brian Tracy International.

Making money online isn’t rocket science, but it’s not obvious, either. If it were, everyone would be doing it. So how, then, do you create a system that turns prospects into profits?

The System We Use
Our website at Brian Tracy International has always had a good conversion ratio, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t always looking to improve it.

In early 2007 my staff discovered the "Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell", created by Internet marketing expert Charlie Cook. What we discovered was an easy-to-implement, step-by-step system that helped us turn our web visitors into massive web profits.

Want to benefit from the same online success strategy?

Within just a few weeks of using Charlie’s system, our conversion ratio had increased — along with our profitability — and our business was growing.

Even today — with the economy struggling — we are turning huge profits by converting online prospects into paying customers.

The "Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell" spells out the steps you need to take in order to create a system that will convert prospects into profits. It is easy to use and it works.

Find out for yourself how much more you could be making with your website.

How You Can Turn Prospects Into Profits — Fast
With a tough economy, I know you can use higher profits without increasing your costs. That’s why I convinced Charlie Cook to make a special offer to Brian Tracy subscribers.

Charlie’s "Insider Secrets to Creating Web Sites That Sell" is the fastest way to increase your profits in this market and he has agreed to offer Brian Tracy subscribers an exclusive risk-free 30-day test drive for only $2.95.

If you want to make more money with your website and maximize your profits, I highly recommend you pick up Charlie’s system today.

Use this web marketing system to transform prospects to profits.We did. Take action today. I’ve persuaded Charlie Cook to give Brian Tracy subscribers an exclusive, risk-free 30-day test-drive for only $2.95.

Claim your trial copy here.

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