We would appear to be in a time of economic crises, there would seem to be a lot of evidence for that belief. Our legislature seems to be in turmoil, confusion and ineffective and inefficient processes.

So what in the world can we do? How can we influence the ‘powers-that-be’? How can we change what is happening? The most successful approach is to begin by changing ourselves, and in fact, that is all we need to do. We can re-create the world without efforting, without fear and angst, without posturing, and with grace. We can release our confusion, anger, frustration, and fear and replace those feelings with peace, prosperity and healing.

Margaret Mead said, “Never believe that a small group of people can’t change the world, because in fact, that is the only thing that ever has.” And that small group starts with each of us as individuals.

What are the events and beliefs and feelings that are bothering you the most? Is your job in jeopardy? Is your 401K disappearing? Is your house in foreclosure? Well, what about addressing those issues in a way that takes you above them and creates peace within, and changes that ‘reality’.

You can Command the life you want. The One Command cuts to the chase. It is the process that takes you beyond everything you have tried before and gets you exactly where you need to be to create the life you choose.

Get yourself relaxed, take yourself to Theta, in that space of creation where your neuronet is open to all that is, say, I don’t know how I have financial security and peace of mind, I only know I do NOW, and I am fulfilled.

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A small group of people have begun to change the world!


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Asara specializes in the areas of wealth, wellness, career, business, and life change.
Her bestselling book, The One Command, changes lives radically.
She is a highly accomplished and sought after, author, speaker, and teacher.
She is the founder and owner of Commanding Wealth, offering workshops for Individuals and Corporate Business Presentations.