Being "Bond cool" is not about cigarettes, drinking, bikini girls, weapons, gadgets, or cars. It takes inner work, and expressing your individuallity.

When James Bond is under pressure he doesn't fold. He focuses. He can call up his talent at will when dismantling a ticking bomb or when talking with an interesting woman. Want to do this too? There's only one way. Start taking gentle rulership over your personality (body,mind,feelings).

But your personality will fight the real you with "pulls" distracting you from your goals, and with "blocks" which stop you with fear.

Your individuality is perfect. But the personality is not. The body gets tired, the mind forgetful, and the emotions sad, impatient, and angry.

It is your job to raise up these three energies of the personality to maturity. Just as you raise up children. Finally you will be able to express the perfection that is you, using the tools of the personality. And not being so reactive to outside negativity.

This will not make you an "unfeeling robot". It will actually free up your energies so that you can feel what you want to feel, when you want to feel it.

This is the most important aspect of living the James Bond lifestyle. For only when you realize that you are not your personality, but perfect individual energy, and start taking gentle control of your three personality energies, can you begin to upgrade all areas of your life.

So be like Bond. Take control and express the cool perfection that is you.

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Author of 'How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle'