6 Great Tips for Back to School Organization

1. Mark the Stuff!

Put your child’s name and school on the back of everything.
I mean EVERYTHING. Clothes, books, shoes, calculator, backpack etc., or you’ll be buying another one before the 1st progress report heads home!

2. Photocopy School Forms

Do yourself a favor, especially if you have several children; make a copy of the emergency medical form, and all others. After you complete each form, make a copy and then file to avoid looking up Doctor's numbers, and Insurance Policy numbers next year.

3. Create a Centralized Calendar & School Binder

As the kids bring home papers with important dates; transfer the information onto a calendar in a central location that is easy to wipe off and where everyone in the household can see planned activities. Utilize a binder to keep phone contacts, school calendars, bus and activity schedules, lunch menus, and other important school related information. Use index tabs to separate by child or school.

4.Pre-Pick Daily Clothes (Preschool and Elementary School Ages)

Avoid the morning battle regarding what to wear. Laying out clothes the night before can help, but if that hasn’t solved your problem; try a hanging 5 day cube system, for the closet and help your child choose the wardrobe for the school week. Even socks and underwear get put in each days "cubby" .

5. Be Discerning with Keepsakes and Works of Art

Give each “masterpiece” or “superior grade” brought home a week on the fridge or other prominent showcase. Then discard or store. Aim to keep/store 2 pieces of artistic and scholastic achievements per quarter and discard the rest. Keeping focus on superior efforts, creativity, and personality of each child. Be sure to include: Name, Age, Grade, and Year on the back.
For a great storage solution try www.schoolfolio.com.

6. Store It Where You Use It

Create a home for school supplies that your children use on a frequent basis(scissors, crayons, pencils, paper). This will make "getting started" on homework or projects easier, and will also help to keep them focused during study time if they are not having to constantly get up to get supplies. Be sure to inventory your children’s school supplies 3-4 times a year, so you’ll never be caught by surprise the night before a big project is due! Frequently needed and not on hand: Poster board.

Finally, make sure to include your child in the organization process whenever possible. Be sure to point out the benefits of organization as it occurs during the day, and help them to be self-sufficient by "learning and doing". It may take a little longer, but it will help them develop the habit and skills they will need as they grow.

Author's Bio: 

Sandy Jones is a Professional Organizer located in Frisco, Texas. She is the owner of Simply Organized by Sandy, and is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and Admin VP for the North Texas Network of Enterprising Women.

Sandy works with home owners and business professionals to help develop solutions for a multitude of organizational challenges. She enjoys helping others conquer bad habits, overcome obstacles, and reclaim their homes and offices again.

As a single-mother who has always worked full-time; she knows all too well the stress that is caused by a very busy life, holding on to too much stuff, saying “yes” to too many worthy family activities, while not setting aside the needed time to proactively get control of her home.

The acronym S.O.S for her business was the perfect choice to reflect the service wanted to offer - help for those in need of improved organization in their lives.