Beauty is a quality possessed by an object or a person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the senses. When we think of the beautiful, we equate it with a positive feeling of pleasure or goodness. Beauty is a subjective experience that could lead to powerful feelings of attraction and emotional well being. As society imposes a strong expectation on women to be beautiful, beauty can present a standard of comparison and may cause resentment and dissatisfaction when not achieved. Beauty may have inspired humans throughout history, but the quest of beauty can sometimes lead to obsession and eating disorders.

As too much emphasis is placed on superficial beauty, the inner person tends to be undermined. Outward beauty can remain to be superficial. Although the media puts emphasis on outward physical beauty, it cannot be denied that inner beauty has withstood the ages. Intelligence, kindness and creativity are some of the qualities of inner beauty. Glitz and glamour may elicit awe-inspiring emotions, but inner beauty can stir a being to the depths of its soul. We tend to create our own criteria for judging the beauty of a woman. Prominent cheekbones, deep set eyes, luscious lips, flawless skin and perfect hair coupled with a shapely figure.

Society has created a standard of beauty that has become a mould that every woman wants to fit in. It can be a frustrating endeavor to try to fit in within the limits of outward physical beauty. Inner beauty, on the other hand has no limits. Inner beauty surpasses and transcends. Inner beauty sees no need to fit into a standard as it has the liberty to follow the dictates of its own virtues. Outward beauty may just be well the icing on the cake, but inner beauty is the complete substance within which is a blend of many fine characteristics such as etiquette and good manners, intelligence and character, charm and sense of humor, creativity and social and family values.

That inner beauty that makes a woman whole within will make her radiant on the outside with a warm and ready smile for everybody and soulful eyes that see good in all things. Just as there is a marked difference between a dear intricately hand-woven Persian carpet and a cheap machine made carpet, so is there a distinct disparity between shallow outward beauty and genuine inner beauty. Outward beauty can go to the extent of perfection but it remains spurious if it is ill-bred and heartless. Inner beauty on the other hand is elegantly hand knotted, each and every silky colorful thread so carefully crafted to create an astounding design of character and personality that fashions the masterpiece of a uniquely beautiful woman.

Inner beauty is a unique art on its own. Outward beauty can only be more appreciated if it stems from an inner beauty that sees a more noble purpose other than superficiality and vanity. For a woman to be truly beautiful, inner beauty must be inherently cultivated while the physical beauty is enhanced. It is well worth it to take care of yourself and your inner beauty. The next time you look into the mirror, ask yourself what true beauty is and if you are indeed beautiful. Once you take time to nourish your inner beauty, no doubt that that inner beauty will eventually come out on the surface.

Only then will you see that you are truly a beautiful woman.

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