Passion: A strong, barely controllable emotion, a strong enthusiasm.

Many things will help you on the road to success, but nothing will make you put one foot ahead of the other more than passion.

Information does not guarantee success. If it did, everyone that grew up with a set of encyclopedias or a local library would count themselves successful. In fact, everyone that has access to the Internet today would and should be a success if mere access to information was the key.

Upbringing, money, opportunity—they all mean nothing if you do not have the fire in your belly and lightning in your blood. That fire manifests itself in different ways. Some call it determination. Some call it belief. Still others call it persistence. However you label it, the symptoms are the same and are easily recognizable: you are not put off by setbacks; you are willing to pour yourself out to achieve your desire; you have already seen your success in your mind’s eye.

President Calvin Coolidge was describing this very characteristic when he said,

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’, has solved, and always will solve the problems of the human race.

Why do some press on while others falter? Why do some pick themselves up and continue while others lay down forever? Passion. Passion is the moving force of the universe. Greatness belongs to those with passion, as it should, and the passionate should enjoy the fruits of their labor as well. Throughout history, unfortunately, only a few have been able to parlay their passions to achieve the wealth and recognition that they deserved, for though passion is the key, ultimately, access to the masses and worldwide acceptance were also necessary to unlock the door to success. An artist, a sculptor, or an inventor would find himself severely limited to his small circle of influence when he attempted to live off of the fruit of his dreams. This is where the term “starving artist” originally came from.

Thankfully, the 21st century has brought us to a new era; an exciting time when, if he is willing, anyone can bring his passion to the fore and not have to starve to do it. Thanks in part to technology that is fairly evenly distributed throughout the world, we are now able to reach not just hundreds, but hundreds of millions, even billions of people. While these people may have different traditions and customs, we are all poured from the same mold. We have the same nature, the same tendencies, and, most importantly, many of the same passions.

What does all this mean for you? Let’s look at the facts.

* Everyone has a passion. It’s true. Sometimes, owing to our sedentary lifestyles, we forget what that passion is. We get ourselves so wrapped up in the claptrap of life—the hundreds of channels to surf, the banal programming, the endless sitcoms—that we forget about the fire inside.
* Through the Internet we can reach all corners of the globe. We have instant access to billions of other people with the same desires and needs as us.
* Many people out there, sometimes millions of them, will pay you cold, hard cash to share your passion with them. You and only you are the expert regarding all your life experiences, all the successes and all the pitfalls. Let me ask you this: looking back, what would you have paid someone to coach you on what things to focus on and what things to avoid? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands of dollars? Imagine the heartache and stress you could have avoided! Right now, there are people out there who are at the beginning of the road you have already traveled. Like you, they are willing to invest in an experienced guide, who will walk with them and help them to avoid the potholes!

These facts mean that never before has it been easier to live off your passion. Never has it been easier to become a wealthy problem solver. As Russell Conwell illustrated in his allegory Acres of Diamonds, we all have the resources we need to be successful—and our passions are our greatest resource. All that we have to do is recognize them for what they are and utilize them.

That is why the concept of “entrepreneurial authoring” is gaining such widespread appeal. You do not have to travel the world for experience or enroll in a college course to get started in entrepreneurial authoring. All that is required to find your own diamonds is a little introspection and a computer. Put your passions to work for you. Finally, you can get fair market value for the diamonds that you have. These gems include what you know how to do (your skills), the body of knowledge you have gained through the university of hard knocks, and the attitudes you have instilled within yourself to succeed in the numerous areas that reflect your talents.

Remember, people come to the Internet because they have questions and they have problems; they are willing to invest in a solution if it answers those questions and solves those problems!

The process is ingenious in its simplicity.

Step 1: Identify your passion.
Step 2: Discover which part of the worldwide market will pay you to use your passion to solve their problems.
Step 3: Provide that market with good value in products and services and pay yourself what you are really worth.

More than any other time in history, you have the opportunity to actually realize your dreams and build your life doing what you love to do. Your passion is calling. Use the fire inside to help the masses. They are looking for the answers that only you can provide!

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