While our options today are almost bottomless, we somehow manage to go back to flowers when we pick out the perfect gift. As a jeweler residing in the Philippines, I get requests every so often asking me to cast diamonds at the center of flower shaped earrings or make a gold bracelet look like a little lei. I honestly could not help but wonder why flowers work and has always been considered as perfect gifts. Is it their appearance? Could it be because of their aroma? Below are some of my guesses:

Flowers are available everywhere, year-round.
Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, and funerals are just some of the most common occasions where we see flowers. These plants are definitely the best “safe” call for cramming gift givers. I am honestly not fond of getting flowers wrapped in plastic. My bright little suggestion: put some personal touches, have a pretty bunch wrapped in beautiful gift-wrapping tissue, and have it tied by satin ribbons. I can almost imagine the smile on the receiver’s face!

Flowers fit everyone’s budget.
With the premise above that flowers are everywhere, this means that they are marketed and sold to cater to all economic classes. For the budget shopper, head to the Dangwa Flower Market, the Philippines’ most popular flower resource, early in the morning for the cheapest rates. No time to drive to Manila? Online shopping is the perfect answer.

Flowers say everything.
Most of us learned in grade school that according to its color, the meaning of flowers differs from each other. It is a fact that they have been the only means of communication by lovers and soldiers in the past. Who would have thought that plants can actually do all the talking?

Flowers can leave one breathless.
Flowers are hands down, beautiful in their own right. Countless hybridizations and combinations have produced stunning results making its new breeds far more beautiful than its parents. I have seen massive displays both here in the Philippines and in Singapore and it just leaves me gawk in awe seeing them arranged to form a particular figure as seen in parks or parades.

May it be the plant, a piece of clothing, or a piece of jewelry embellished with the world’s most popular accent, flowers indeed make the most timeless and perfect gifts year round. Fitting your budget and the recipient’s personality will never be your problem as flowers come in all costs, forms, sizes, and colors.

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