The three secrets of manifestation into the world around us are thought, word, and deed. It is very important to learn to align these three areas if you are to realize the life of your dreams. The ability to make these three areas move you in the direction you want to go in order for you to be able to live the life of your dreams is essential. If any one of these three areas is out of sync with the other two, you will have difficulty in realizing the manifestation of your dreams into the world around you. The first of these three secrets is the secret of thoughts and emotions.

Our thoughts and emotions go hand in hand. Deep rooted beliefs and thoughts about things create an emotional response to situations and experiences that we find ourselves in on a daily basis. This emotional reaction causes us to think certain thoughts based upon prior programming from other situations and similar experiences. It can be a very vicious cycle. For example. Let's say that when we were four years old, we were attacked by our grandmother's cat. Our grandmother's cat would hide behind doorways and wait for us to walk by just so it could ambush us. This caused us to fear cats in general. Now, as adults, no matter how friendly a cat is, we have a negative emotional response to it based upon that emotion of fear we learned when we were four years old and attacked by our grandmother's cat. Because of that fear, we created the perception that all cats are bad and just waiting to attack us. Is this actually the case? Are all cats vicious and nasty and just wanting to harm us? Of course not, however, our emotional response has created all kinds of negative emotions toward cats and thoughts about what cats are.

So what does all of this have to do with thoughts and emotions and getting what you want? Everything. Growing up we had certain beliefs, ideas, and concepts instilled in us about things by our friends, family, and loved ones. Let's use money for example. Many people who do not have money grew up in a family who did not have money. Often times, they were taught that people who do have money usually walked all over people to get there. They lied, cheated, and stole when they could to get to where they are. Surely there are some who did, but does that mean everyone who became financially wealthy did that? No, of course not! Just like every cat is not a horrible monster out to get us. But those beliefs and ideas created a certain emotional response and trigger to people who have money. Often times a very negative one. So what did that do to us? It created the thought, because of the fact that we feel negative feelings toward people with money, that if we have money we too would be a bad person. Of course no one wants to be a bad person, so without even knowing it, we relate the fact that we want money to being a bad person and logically create reasons why we shouldn't be wealthy financially.

So the first step in the creation process is to begin to realize what our current beliefs and thoughts and emotions toward things are. If you want to create wealth in realtionships, you must evaluate what your concept of a relationship is. Some people have very healthy marriages by being open sexually and allowing one another to sleep with other people. Other people have very healthy marriages being completely committed to one another and never sleeping with anyone else. One or the other is not right or wrong unless you believe it to be so, but you must decide what you believe a relationship to be about and what creates a healthy relationship. You must also decide what you believe is a good partner and what traits a good partner should have. You must also take note of how you feel about certain traits in a relationship or marriage and in a significant other. These emotions and thoughts create your perception of what a relationship is and what kind of a relationship you will attract to you.

Take the time to truly look at your thoughts about certain things, and be honest with yourself. There is no right or wrong answer but the one you choose to be correct for you. Here is an example. Is killing right or wrong? 99% of the population will say that killing is absolutely wrong. Here is the devil's advocate. What if someone were trying to kill you or your child or a loved one, and the only way to stop them was to kill that person? Is killing right or wrong then. Well, we can split hairs over this but it comes down to this. Nothing is ever right or wrong except in a specific context. You must decide what your context for things is and then create your life based upon that. So often so many people create their perception of the world based on others ideas and concepts. I know many people who will not do what they truly love simply because others think it would be a foolish idea. A friend of mine was a doctor at one point in his life. His true passion was to move to the mid-west and take people on white water rapid tours. So many people around him said he would be foolish for giving up his great paying job as a doctor, which cost him a good 80 hours a week of his life by the way, and go take people on white water rapid tours. Eventually he did make the move and is much happier than ever before, even with less money. So take the time to evaluate you and what your ideas are and what ideas would better serve you.

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